What is a Boom Lift, and Should you Buy or Rent one?

March 23, 2021


The use of boom lifts is quite versatile, being utilized both in the outdoors and indoors. However, the use of boom lift and whether you need it or not isn't really described well as to why it's unfamiliarity to the general public. The boom lift is a tool that you can use for both a vertical control and a horizontal one. Scissor lifts that are much more common in constructions and electrical works vary from the boom lift in this very section.

Whereas the scissor lift only lifts you or takes you down, a boom lift, in comparison, can take you up, down while enabling also the left on the right movement. The control over the X-axis allows boom lift to give more accessibility to people or the users of boom lift. Boom lifts can be utilized anywhere from people involved in construction to people working on the farms and people picking fruits off of tall trees.

Otherwise known as a cherry picker, the boom lift has actually risen exponentially in its popularity in the past few years in various fields of works. A versatile or adjustable boom lift has the authenticity that it can plot a course around the limits that fall on the way. It is fundamental to consider every one of the requirements before choosing whether to buy or lease a boom lift. Some genuine information should be recollected first, for instance, on what kind of territory will the lift be made usage of? What should be the type of lift? Will it be portable or fixed? The measure of weight should be considered along with the thing or person it will be lifting.

Buying or Renting a Boom Lift?

Let's talk about the buying prospect of a boom lift first,

First and foremost, you get the ownership of the boom lift, and it saves you time in leasing conventions. On top of that, if you are someone who utilizes a boom lift often, it's certainly a much better proposition to own a boom lift than to lease one. You save money in the long run, and you save a lot of time, but that's about it concerning the benefits of buying a boom lift.

There are sometimes more drawbacks of owning a boom lift than to simply rent one. For one, there are certain limitations put in place with each model of boom lift.

The limitations are in regards to weight, lift type, and load limitations. Your boom lift will also become out of date pretty soon.

Benefits and drawbacks of renting

The best part when you rent a boom lift is that you get to save a lot of money, and it helps you in case you are someone who needs the boom lift occasionally. If you are not using it as often as you would like, renting is certainly the best option to go for as the saved money can be put to use in other parts of the business where the investment would make more sense.

There are almost no lawful customs when renting a boom lift which is an additional point of advantage. When you are renting a boom lift, you are not usually required to pay the rent upfront, allowing you to start work without an immediate installment.

You also get to use the latest boom lift available to be rented, allowing access to the latest product in the market. However, the cost of renting a boom lift is relatively high, and there's the obvious lack of ownership that many people like to opt for. The rent expenses are not cheap and you do have to waste time in the renting process every time you are looking to rent a boom lift.

The Diversity of all diversities: A Trailer Mounted Boom Lift

For repair workers and electricians or fruit pickers, this is the ideal sort of boom lift. If you are wondering as to why a trailer-mounted boom lift is more suitable than a stationary one, the simple answer would be, it's more versatile. However, the drawback is its load limitation. A trailer-mounted boom lift is usually one that is attached to a truck, trailer, or lorry.

This sort of platform (power accessed) serves as great alternatives for the development of extensive scales like repairs, maintenance, and fruit picking in farms.

The trailer-mounted boom lifts come in various sizes and shapes. They have a regular height limitation of 9 meters and up to 21 meters. As previously mentioned, the main advantage is the versatility. They are highly maneuverable, and they allow you to save time, especially when you have to make small adjustments at different heights and in different closely compartmentalized areas.

Let's not forget that both a vertical and horizontal movement-capability allows you to not have to move the boom lift given your working area is mildly and inconveniently apart. An weird fit of circumstance but a welcomed one.

These types of boom lifts or similarly modeled ones may be powered either by battery or electricity from the truck that it is attached to, making them lighter and more transportable. Some of these have a very narrow base allowing for a retractable axis, enabling the lift to fit through smaller spaces and in more congested workplaces. Some of the bigger ones are powered by diesel or petrol. Some have bio-fuels, and most of them can be powered using a portable generator.

Regardless of the upsides and downsides of leasing and purchasing a lift such as this, it is progressively being utilized today in the mechanical world. Access gear deals have worked in the mind-boggling equipment industry for a long time with his essential focus on Trailer Mounted Boom lifts because of their huge applications and advantages.


All things considered, if you are a middle man, falling in the awkward place of having to use boom lifts often but not too often to have the incentive to buy them, then simply go for the rent option. Renting a boom lift comes with more advantages than buying one in this circumstance. However, you can supplement your buying option and make it less of a headache. After buying a boom lift, set it up for rent to earn a little bit of cash when it's not in use.


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