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What You Need To Consider Before Moving Into Your New Florida Home

If you’ve been considering making a move to Florida, either for work or to retire there, then you’ve probably already researched buying a new home in the area. Now, you’ve decided to make a move; there are a few things that you should take of in the new home you’ve purchased, From finding the right home warranty through a place such as AFC Home Club to having a contractor come out to take care of your bathroom remodel, there are a few things to be done. In this article, you’ll find a few things to consider as a homeowner before you move into your Florida home.

Do a quick walkthrough.



There’s no better time to do a complete walkthrough of your new home than when it’s sitting empty. Take your time, walk through the home and see what needs to be repaired and renovated for you and your family to be comfortable in the new place. From wanting the appliances to be up-to-date and working properly to ensure that the previous owner fixed the things they were supposed to fix, you can find out a lot by just a quick walkthrough before you start moving your things in.

Research home warranties.



While your home insurance company may be great, there are things that insurance just doesn’t cover. That’s why you should check out the home warranties through America’s First Choice Home Club as soon as you get settled into your home. AFC is a home club that makes it possible for homeowners to have peace of mind that their new home is covered by a home warranty that delivers on their promise. If you’re worried that your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover everything, then you should get in touch with AFC today for an appointment so that you can see what the company is all about. AFC is dedicated to helping homeowners with any repairs, remodels, and service requests they need that are covered under the home warranty you choose.

Consider what needs to be remodeled.



Before you move into your home, you should consider what needs to be remodeled and repaired. If the bathroom is small or outdated and needs a remodel, you can call in the professionals for a bathroom remodel in Tampa pretty easily. Since you’re saving money by having a home warranty through AFC, you can put that extra money to good use by calling in a contractor to remodel the bathroom, check the plumbing, and switch out the fixtures the bathroom as well. Just make sure that you schedule your service call during a time when you’re going to be home to show the technician what needs to be done and how you want the remodel to proceed.

Consider upgrading old appliances.



When you’re moving into your home, take the time to inventory the appliances, such as the water heater, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and washer and dryer. These are the appliances that drain the most energy in your home and the ones that should be repaired quickly or replaced if they are old, outdated, and not energy-efficient. Most homeowners want up-to-date smart appliances in their homes now anyway, so you’ll do well to go ahead and make your home smartphone tech-ready and energy-efficient as soon as you can. Remember, though the appliances do need to be switched out, other things can come first, such as your plumbing if they need to.


These are just a few things that you need to consider when moving into a new Florida home. From upgrading old appliances to remodeling the bathroom, you’ll be settled in and comfortable before you know it.


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