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10 Ways To Style and Use Your Coffee Table

If you have, or are looking for, a coffee table and do not know how to utilize it for maximum potential then you have come to the right place. Today, we are talking through the ten best ways to style and use your coffee table.

Utilize drawers

If you have lots of stuff but like the minimalistic look, then a coffee table with storage is a great option. This allows you to still have your remote controls, magazines, and more ready to grab but they can be tucked away in drawers or compartments.

Keep it balanced

A coffee table should not be overcrowded or hold too much stuff. If your coffee table is the centerpiece of the room, you won’t want it piled up with random objects. Instead, store them away if you have a coffee table with storage. Or, find somewhere else for the random objects so that the look is balanced and harmonious.

Think about the size of objects

If you do want to display objects on the coffee table to enhance their look, then you will need to think about the size of the objects. If you have a large coffee table then you won’t want to place a small object in the middle as the large space will drown it. Similarly, you won’t want to feature a large object on a small table. It’s all about getting the sizing ratios right. Either has one large object or a few smaller ones. It is good not to overcrowd the table so that it looks balanced and is still usable.

Use trays

For those who like to keep stuff neat and tidy, coffee table trays are a great way of keeping things in order. You can have a tray for your coffee placemats, a tray for your remote controls, and a tray for random bits and bobs. Trays could also be a great way to add in more texture, dimension, and color. Be careful not to use cheap trays without rubber bottoms as they could scratch the surface, which could be a disaster if you have spent a lot of money on your coffee table.

Match it to the room

No matter if your home is minimal or bold, you might want the coffee table to match the room. Go for similar colors. Timeless colors will mean your coffee table will be long-lasting no matter if you change the decor often. To match it to the interior, you will also want to make sure it isn’t too big. If it takes up a lot of floor space, it will become a central focus and may disrupt the entire look and feel of the room.

Or, don’t

You may like to mix and match colors, textures, and designs. In that case, you won’t want your coffee table to match your interior. For instance, you may want it to be the centerpiece in which case you should invest in a unique design that stands out.

Have a center focus

Use one standout piece as a focal point of your coffee table display. The item doesn’t have to be large or overwhelming. It can have an unusual shape or color to spark conversation. Or, it could be a bright piece, such as green flowers. There is no use in having a small centerpiece. Thus, if you want a center focus make sure it is bold.

Add books

Books are a great time passer or conversation starter. If you have guests round books are a great way to keep them entertained whilst you make food. Or, they might spark up a great conversation. Books also work well as decor to elevate the sophistication of the room. Layering books is a great central focus. Then, you could add flowers or an ornament on top to peak interest and dimension.

If you have two layers, keep them different

A two-tiered coffee table requires special attention. The bottom shelf of a coffee table can be simpler than the display on the top of the table. But the lower tier still needs balance, composition, and scale. Keep the style of both surfaces similar, but do not duplicate it.

Mix up textures

Create visual interest in a coffee table display by mixing shapes and textures. Pair curved items with straight, shiny with dull, textured with smooth, and hard with soft. You could also mix up colors if you want the coffee table to be the centerpiece in a minimal home. An easy way to do this is to use minimal decor with bright flowers.


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