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11 Things to Know Before Building Your First Swimming Pool


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Don’t project manage your own new pool before you read this article!

Designing, planning, and building your own pool, is every homeowner’s dream. You can decide the exact shape and size, design the shower facilities, and really show off to the neighbors. Not only that, but a new pool will add to the overall price of your house.

Sound good? You bet it does… but here are all the things to think about before you take the plunge.

The 11 Considerations Before Building a Swimming Pool

If you haven’t built a swimming pool before, here’s what to think about before you build your first.

1 – Shoot for Excellence

This is one of the bigger purchases you will make in your life. Protect your investment by hiring a pool building specialist such as Agua Pools in Florida. Designing your own pool is fantastic, but you need a true expert with decades of experience, to put that plan into successful action.

2 – Jot down your Expectations

This is a key first stage in the design process. Take note of what you want your pool to achieve. Is it designed to add value to your property? Is it designed so that your aging grandmother can get in and out? Is your new pool going to have to help you train to become an Olympic swimmer?

The more information you can pass on to your contractor: the better.

3 – Is your Garden Right?

Is your yard big enough for the type of pool you want to build? Have you got your house plans to hand and, if so, what’s down there, anyway? Location is everything.

4 – Do you need planning permission?

Check with your local authority area whether a pool is even allowed in your yard. There may be zoning restrictions or other drawbacks that would prevent the go-ahead of your new pool project.

5 – How Much to Spend

One of the biggest considerations is your budget. We suggest you set aside around 10% of your budget just in case something goes wrong. A swimming pool built yourself can start from $17,000 and run all the way up into the hundreds of thousands[1].

6 – Shop Around

The most reputable pool build contractors will give you a free estimate of the job. This means they might come out and view the property or do it over the phone.

7 – Think of the Finish

If you are planning a build and spot tiles you like, buy them before your budget runs out or they become out of stock.

8 – Order Ahead

If you run out of tiles, ordering ahead stops your project being held up.

9 – Stick to your Budget!

You can get lost in decorations and final touches. Get the foundations in place first.

10 – Think about Entrances

How are you getting in and out of the pool? Do you have to walk across muddy areas barefoot? This can conceal hidden costs if not thoroughly examined.

11 – Durability and Longevity

Plan here. Don’t scrimp on building materials that will cost you later in life. Start with quality and continue as you mean to go on. This leads to a longer-lived pool and a happier customer, all round.


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