3 Simple Ways to Generate Leads for Contractors

April 6, 2021


The contractor industry in the United States is big business. There are over 3 million contractors, collectively generating billions of dollars in revenue every year.

Whether you’re a general contractor or you specialize in building custom homes, renovating homes, HVAC installation and repair, or painting, one thing is constant: you’re always looking for ways to find more clients.

As much as this is a multi-billion-dollar industry, success won’t come looking for you in your home. You’ve got to ramp up your sales and marketing game, especially when it comes to finding leads for contractors.

Keep reading for top lead generation advice.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Is Irreplaceable

When you think of lead generation or marketing in general, the first thing that comes to mind is the money you’ll spend on it.

Well, thanks to word-of-mouth marketing, you don’t always have to spend money to market your contractor services. At least not directly.

Just like a good product sells itself, so does a good service. As a contractor, you can count on a client to recommend your services to their friends if you do a stellar job.

As such, strive to do quality work for every client you find, especially your first client. If you’re a painter, give those walls strokes that will leave a lasting impression. Since people are always seeking product and service recommendations from family and friends, your past clients can be a free lead generation source.

Invest in a Website

About half of all small businesses in the United States don’t have a website. We won’t be too far off the mark to say contractors make up a majority of those businesses that don’t have a website.

You’ve probably always relied on traditional marketing to find leads, but times are changing. Your potential clients are looking for contractors online so if you don’t have any web presence, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

It’s not too late to catch up, though. For now, all you need to do is set up a contractor website and optimize it for search engines.

And no, we aren’t saying you start learning how to build a website during your free time. If you want a website that will bring you a steady stream of contractor leads, hire a professional to build the site.

Go Big on Social Media

If you give your social media a scroll, it won’t be long before you come across photos or videos of people doing some DIY projects. Scroll some more and you’ll find contractors who have posted pictures of some of their past projects.

If you were looking to hire a contractor, there’s a chance you will want to contact one of the contractors you saw on your feed.

That’s the power of social media marketing. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram can be effective lead generators if you use them properly. Post quality content on your contract page often and you’ll start seeing users making inquiries.

Generating Leads for Contractors Made Easy

As a contractor, you’re passionate about the work of your hands. However, your passion will quickly fizzle if money isn’t coming in. You need clients and with this guide to generating leads for contractors, there’s nothing to stop you.

Explore our blog for more lead generations tips and advice.


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