4 Mobile Marketing Strategies That Can Help Real Estate Agents

April 7, 2021

Few inventions have revolutionized the way we interact with the world than mobile phones. They’ve become virtually universal: we use them so much and for so many things that most of us can’t bear to leave home without them. We reach for our phones when we need information or news, to get in touch with our loved ones, or even to control our homes through smart technology. In some countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and some parts of Europe, mobile phones are even considered essential to daily life as most businesses and transportation services have switched to mobile payment systems. Check out mobile marketing for real estate.

It’s of little wonder, then, that brands, businesses, and services have now recognized the potential of smartphones as gateways to get closer to their respective target audiences.

This presents a unique opportunity for realtors. At this point, it simply doesn’t make sense not to lean aggressively into mobile marketing when people are spending between 2.5 to 3 hours on their phones per day. Now that more and more millennials are coming into their own and finally having the purchasing power to enter the housing market, it’s on real estate agents to make their offerings more visible to these tech-savvy individuals.

From QR codes to using drivebuy technology, here are four mobile marketing strategies that can help real estate agents.


DriveBuy is a mobile marketing tool that greatly simplifies the cumbersome process of chasing leads. It’s a digital flyer solution that automates the manner in which a prospect receives information about a listing that they’re interested in. With DriveBuy, all a real estate agent has to do is assign a text ID and a local phone number to a listing, which then goes on a sign rider or a text rider and placed along with the “For Sale” sign.

Potential buyers will see the rider and send a text message to the number provided. They will instantly receive more information about the aforementioned listing to the prospect. The action also immediately notifies the agent about their interest. After the properties sell, the realtor can simply assign the number to a new listing.

This tool is great because it allows real estate agents to instantly capture valuable contact information. This is from interested parties, allowing for seamless lead generation. The captured contact information can also be easily exported to an easily managed database. Using DriveBuy also minimizes the time a prospect must wait to receive information about the listing they’ve got their eye on, facilitating faster, more efficient sales. It’s also incredibly easy to set up and use.

QR Codes and NFC Tags

Another great way to generate valuable leads is by using QR codes on direct mailers, flyers, handouts and business cards. QR codes can lead prospective buyers directly. This brings them to listing pages that contain more information about the property they’re eyeing, simply by pointing their phone’s camera at it. They’re also easy to generate and can be integrated into any existing campaign without too much fuss.

NFC tags work much the same way. Instead of having to scan a QR code with their smartphone cameras, potential buyers can simply swipe their NFC-enabled devices next to a smart sign or poster. This is about the listing and be instantly led to a website that contains additional information about the property.

Essentially, both of these tools eliminate a step that is often considered a speed bump when turning a passer-by into a prospect.

Mass SMS Campaigns

Despite the rise of internet messaging, SMS continues to be a very powerful marketing tool. A real estate agent can and should utilize to its full advantage. In areas where mobile data coverage remains limited, it can be especially useful. Text campaigns can be put together easily. They can be deployed from web-based SMS software, and blasted to every contact on your agency’s database of prospective buyers. You never know—a simple text message reminder can be just the ticket. This is to convince a potential buyer or tenant to request a viewing.

Social Media Advertisements

There’s a reason why targeted advertising is so popular—it just works. Invest in ad space on the most popular social media platforms on mobile such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can put your listings in front of people who are already interested in buying property. This method can create some of the most successful conversions. In a lot of cases, most potential buyers only need a little push before taking the plunge. Don't worry if you are not experienced in digital marketing. There are agencies that offer real estate marketing services to help you get successful results.

Real estate agents need to accept that the future of sales is in mobile. Advertising on the platform that most consumers are using just makes sense. With mobile marketing strategies, realtors can reach more prospects. They can also do their jobs more efficiently, and spend less time on repetitive tasks.

Finally, I hope you learned about mobile marketing for real estate. For informative reads, check out the rest of our blog.




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