5 Gardening Gifts That Will Surely Impress Plant Lovers

April 11, 2021



Gardening isn't for the impatient. Whether they are starting in the gardening world or doing this for a while, gardeners know that patience, care, and time are a must if you want to see your garden thrive. Obstacles such as strong winds, freezing temperatures, pests, and nosy cats can all affect the success of a vegetable garden, a herb section, or a floral area.

For the gardeners in your life, giving them the right gifts such as plant care supplies can make a difference between seeing them beam with pride at their beautiful garden or taking their anger out on the soil. The following are five gardening gift ideas you should consider to impress the plant lovers in your life.


The less-than-glamorous but ultra-useful grow bag.

Grow bags aren't as aesthetically pleasing as ceramic or wooden pots, but they are handy, especially for newbie gardeners who hope to see their garden thrive. Grow bags work best when made of solid and breathable fabrics, not only because they last longer but also to encourage the plant's health and growth. Grow bags are handy for households where garden space is limited.

Thanks to these bags, gardeners can grow plants in other places besides the yard if the latter is small or sunlight is limited. With grow bags, you can keep plants on the porch, balconies, and other places where the sun marks its presence. If you are renting the space, grow bags enable you to pursue your gardening hobby while knowing that you can efficiently move the plants to the new destination without causing damage to the plants.

Grow bags give gardeners the chance to optimize the soil to grow specific vegetables or flowers. If the soil available in the yard isn't suitable for certain crops, the grow bag can solve the gardener's problem by giving the person control over the crops' conditions.


The super-handy LED light bulb.

Sunlight is as essential to us as it is for plants, but sadly, we aren't all lucky to live in a space flooding with natural light. If the plant lover in your life doesn't live in a sun-drenched apartment, consider the gift of the LED grow light bulb. This bulb is perfect for helping indoor plants thrive. The LED grow light bulb is an upgrade from the standard purple grows lights that indoor plant owners usually opt for. Moreover, you can set the bulb in a fixture that matches the gardener's apartment's style, so it looks like a regular bulb, and yet, it's so much more than that.


The pretty and sweet-smelling butterfly seed kit

True gardeners want their garden to be the meeting spot for butterflies and bees—a place that is drenched with a sweet-smelling scent and flooded with the buzzing sound of these fascinating creatures. But to lure butterflies and bees, gardeners need to grow the right flowers with the right smells, and that's where your gift can help. With the butterfly seed kit, you'll gift the gardener in your life a set of various seeds to grow the most sought-after flowers by bees and butterflies.

Flowers like lavender, roses, peonies, and camellias are always popular, but the flowers depend on the country and its climate. Don't forget to add a note to your gardener to include food for the butterflies and bees to visit the spot. An orange cut in half and hung somewhere in the sun will always do the trick.


The innovative avocado tree sprouter.

For the avocado enthusiast in your life, consider the quirky yet super-handy avocado tree sprouter. This unique gift is made of stoneware, and it comes in the shape of an avocado, but it's not just a pretty thing. The spouter can help you grow avocados, allowing gardeners to have their avocado tree. The sprouter is simple to use. All you need is a glass of water and the sprouter to rest on the rim.

You place the stone of the avocado in the middle of the stoneware piece and leave it in the right conditions so it can sprout. Once it does so, you can take it to the garden to optimize its growth.


The utterly chic plant mister

Watering plants doesn't take a great deal of work or tools. Even a simple water bottle can do the trick, but why not add a touch of glamour to your gardener's life by gifting them an utterly chic plant set? There are plenty of sophisticated plant misters and cans to make watering plants that are more fun. From cut glass to gold tones, floral patterns, and geometric designs, your friend will feel like a true pro feeding her garden with a proper gardening set.


There you have it, five uber-chic and utterly practical gardening gifts to impress the gardener in your life. More than a hobby, gardening is an incredible way of relaxing and taking a mental break from the chaos of life, so why wouldn't you want to give the gift of wellness to someone you adore?


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