7 Things You Need To Know About Digital Staging

April 30, 2021


Are you still wondering if digital staging is for you? Perhaps you’re not sure about the quality of staged photos? Then again, perhaps you just don’t know if it’s worth it. You’ll soon see though that virtual staging is more than worth it and it’s incredibly easy to organize. To get you started, click here for an example of an award-winning portfolio of staged photos. All, for incredibly competitive prices. The question really is, what are you waiting for?

7 Key Things to Know about Digital Staging

Let’s first have a look at the key points of digital staging, as listed below, to help you make your decision:

1- It’s cost-effective and it makes you money

Staged photos come out with high quality and they also cost, on average, in the range of tens of dollars per image. This is compared to the thousands of dollars you can expect to pay with traditional staging. Moreover, you don’t have the extra hassle of hiring and moving furniture around. Virtual furniture is so much easier to redesign and reposition.

As well as saving you money, virtual staging makes you money because you can expect to sell properties for a higher price. Most statistics now state that your selling price can up by as much as 20% although that will depend on the market and the state of your property. Either way, you’re making a profit.

2- Digital Staging Turnaround is faster than traditional staging

As mentioned, gone are the days of lugging furniture around. Now, you can work with your virtual staging company and come up with a plan for the perfect design style for your staged photos. Don’t forget that virtual staging teams have interior design expertise as well as digital knowledge. They’ll therefore be able to advise you as to what’s going to appeal the most to your target buyers.

3- Choose a Reputable Virtual Staging Company for the Best Results

Like everything, there’s a range in quality when it comes to virtual staging. Generally, you can expect professional-looking photos. Having said that, it’s worth interviewing a few virtual staging companies before you decide who to work with. Have a look at their portfolio and ask them how they design their staged photos. Basically, you don’t want a one-size-fits-all approach. Then again, you can talk to your real estate agent for advice as they'll frequently work with the same virtual staging companies.

4- Easily Modernize any Property

Depending on how long you’ve been living in your property, it might need a bit more than just a revamp. Luckily though, with digital staging, you don’t have to spend thousands redecorating. Instead, your virtual staging company will do everything for you. Of course, it’s not about deceiving buyers but it’s about helping them imagine the possibilities of what your property can offer. Instead, be honest and declare that you've posted staged photos. Buyers appreciate the honesty and then there are no nasty surprises when they actually do come and visit your property in person.

5- Get creative with floor plans

Home staging means that there’s no limit to your creativity. You really can do whatever you want with your rooms and showcase what any works could do for them. Perhaps there’s space in the back for a swimming pool? What about moving walls around and creating a different space? Again, your virtual staging team will advise you on the best approach.

6- Easy solution to remove clutter

We all have some form of clutter at home. Some of it involves personal photos or children and dog toys that most people aren't interested in. Regardless, these are easily removed with virtual staging. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about making your space perfect for the listings photos. Essentially, your life becomes easier because there's simply less to organize.

7- People want to see Online Photos

People are increasingly online meaning that they want to see photos and to interact in the digital space before physically seeing things for themselves. Virtual staging allows you to showcase properties with different styles and with all the possibilities that they hold. Be honest that these are staged photos but at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with helping people visualize properties. In fact, it helps them make decisions. You can even work with potential buyers who are on the fence because they’re not sure if their furniture is going to fit. Why not create bespoke staged photos with their own furniture to help them view what it could all look like? After all, it's so quick to do.

Final Recommendations for Digital Staging

Gone are the days of furniture removal and heavy lifting. Digital technology is here to make our lives easier so why not use virtual staging? It’s cost-effective, easy to organize, and an incredibly useful tool for both buyers and sellers. It would be a shame to miss out on the potential as well as the extra money you can get from those higher selling prices.


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