A Guide to Selecting the Best Console Table for Your Home

April 17, 2021

Hampton-style furniture is trendy in Australia. The outdoor, beach-like setting that makes the most out of the natural light is found in many Australian homes. So it should explain why you should also look for a Hamptons console table to add to your home furniture and accessories.

But how do you go about selecting the right console table for your home? There are a few things you should look for. These will also help you compare the tables in juxtaposition. This article-cum-guide explains how to select the best Hampton-style console table for your home.

What is a Console Table?

A console table comes with a top surface supported by corbels rather than the regular four legs. But, they vary greatly in style. Therefore, a few console tables will have four legs for support.

At times, a console table is also known as a hall table, a sofa table or a slim side table. That's because it finds itself placed beside a sofa to fill up an empty space or a hall. It only accommodates selected things like a flower vase, photo frames, or any creative item.

When it's a Hamptons console table, it matches the characteristics of Hamptons furniture. The tables will be relaxing and sophisticated at the same time with an inviting ambience. That's what you need when you place it in the hallway or at the entrance.

In the subsequent sections, you'll learn how to select the right console table for your home.

Select the Location

The first thing you need to do is zero in on the location. Although intended for the entrance, you can place it in the hallway, in the living room behind the sofa, in the study room, or near the TV stand.

The location will significantly affect the design. If you're placing it in the hallway, then a half-moon console might be a great option. If you're looking for a table to fill up space below your flat TV, then a glass console table is considered best.

Most people prefer a wooden table for console tables to be placed in the bed or study room. So that's something you should go with.

Therefore, you should buy console tables based on the location.

Select the Purpose

Irrespective of the location, the purpose remains the same: to have additional elevated space to store extra goods. You may decide to place a decor lamp on the top of the table in the hallway. In the entryway, you may wish to have extra space to store keys and small necessities.

When the location is behind the sofa, it should anchor the sofa set or accompany a love seat and provide a way to accommodate a tea set or books.

The purpose will define what size and material of the console table to buy. You can choose from wooden, brass, marble, and steel. The purpose will also determine whether you need drawers and racks in the table.

Match Table and Room Decor

Another important determining factor is the room decor. The console table should ideally blend into the ambience rather than stand out. Most Hampton-style homes are painted white with a low sheen finish. The accessories placed in the room follow a similar pattern.

Hampton style is closer to nature. Therefore, you may include wooden console tables to match the room decor. Glass top tables also blend in well near the window coverings. The bottom line is the style of the table should be in-line with that of the room.

Hampton style design is growing across Australia, and to meet the demand, several companies are setting up their shops. Before dealing with a particular company, you should do proper research at your end.

When you're buying a Hamptons console table, check for the quality and features. Use the parameters mentioned above to decide which type of table to purchase and move ahead accordingly.

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