A Guide to Taking a Structural Engineering Course Online

April 13, 2021


Do you need to master the basics of structural engineering? The knowledge about this is not only important but also vital for every participant in a construction project. This is used to avoid miscommunication and not to force individuals into making bad engineering decisions. Check out structural engineering courses.

The quickest method of getting knowledgeable in this field is by taking an online course. These programs educate trainees about loads, construction materials, structural elements, and load transfer. When looking for a structural engineering course, make sure it provides a certificate of completion once you’re done.

The guide below may be of assistance if interested in taking such a course.

What is structural engineering?

Structural engineering is a discipline whose focus is placed on the design of man-made structures, which are supposed to be safe and stable. This specialty is a perfect career choice for individuals with top-notch mathematical, problem-solving, and analytical skills. The field of such engineering analyzes the way in which physical forces affect various design elements and how these elements respond to them.

Moreover, this is also the most important for structures withstanding horizontal or vertical loads. The former are also known as lateral loads, including earthquakes, wind, snow, explosions, etc. In order for a structure to be considered stable, it has to be able to withstand these unexpected forces. The latter are known as gravity loads, referring to the weight of various building components, such as flooring, furnishings, mechanical systems, etc.

Structural engineers are in charge of designing different types of structures, stable and flexible enough to withstand storms, high winds, and other hazards. Their job is to test the properties of various materials used in construction projects. These engineers research the potential hazards in a particular area, calculate the pressure structures can withstand, assess the structural integrity of old buildings, monitor construction projects, set construction budgets, and perform material evaluations.

In addition, they suggest repairs to existing buildings, have a collaboration with architects and ensure the structures adhere to legal regulations and building codes. These engineers work as contractors or consultants. When working as contractors, they take the role of team managers on construction sites and supervise the projects. When hired as consultants, they spend their time in the office by developing plans. Read more about the education and career of a structural engineer.

structural engineering courses

Why enroll in an engineering course?

Structural engineering is an essential skill for all professionals working on construction projects, such as architects, project managers, contractors, building owners, etc. Miscommunication issues are common in such projects, as building owners and investors cannot fully understand the language of engineers. In order to avoid such issues, a basic engineering course is recommended to every project participant.

Online courses firstly introduce trainees to the field of structural engineering and the role of engineers. Afterward, trainees are educated about the types of loads important in the course of structure design, such as earthquake, wind, live, dead, snow, and earth pressure loads. When learning about loads, you should understand their function in building codes.

Another important aspect of online engineering courses is the introduction to different types of materials. Trainees learn about mixing, testing, and reinforcing concrete. They also get educated about steel, hardwood, softwood, engineered wood, and masonry.

Structural elements are another valuable lesson in these online courses. When studying these elements, trainees are introduced to the components of a structure, bearing walls, deck, joists, slabs, girts, connections, shear walls, foundation walls, shallow foundations, and deep foundations. The following link, https://www.thespruce.com/determining-load-bearing-wall-1822005, explains how to tell if a wall is load-bearing.

After learning the basics about these elements, trainees are taught about load transfer, types of loading, types of stresses and failures, joists, and trusses. These courses also include expert tips for architects, contractors, and homeowners. Trainees are provided with a large number of video lessons. These are -divided into multiple modules covering every possible topic related to structural engineering.

Moreover, during the course, individuals can test their knowledge through quizzes and assignments. Most importantly, after finishing the training, participants receive a certificate of completion, which serves as proof of attending an online course.

Final word

Online courses are the fastest method of getting educated in a particular field.

Make sure you go for it!

I hope you found information on taking structural engineering courses. Finally, check out more articles on our homepage.



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