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Eco Friendly Brands & Buys to Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long

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It is estimated that 8 million pieces of plastic pollution enter our oceans every day. In addition to recycling and using public transport, one of the key ways individuals can help the environment is by favoring eco-friendly brands.

But what are the best environmentally friendly businesses to buy from in 2021? And what are they doing to sustain our planet?

Keep reading for our guide to the best green brands to support, not just on Earth Day, but all year long.

Youth to the People

The first of our environmentally friendly shopping brands are Youth to the People. This California-based skincare business sells biodegradable products that break down within the drain. Their packaging consists of reusable glass jars rather than harmful plastic alternatives.

Their skincare range is cruelty-free and 100% vegan. If you needed another reason to support Youth to the People, they reinvest in the local communities. For example, they sponsor charitable organizations such as LA’s Downtown Women’s Center.

A Good Company

Another way you can make eco-friendly purchases is by patronizing A Good Company. They sell a range of everyday products, such as note pads, pens, phone cases, and toothbrushes. A Good Company is totally transparent about how their products are made, and the environmental footprint of everything they do.

A Good Company is fully committed to sustainable consumption. This means you can enjoy their gorgeous products guilt-free.

RELiON Battery

Next up, RELiON Battery is a game-changer when it comes to green power. They’re doing their part to help the environment by helping the transport, marine, and camping industries swap to rechargeable lithium batteries.

They’ve also become involved in a program to help clean and protect our oceans. By collaborating with Rozalia Project, they’re helping to fund research into marine life conservation and solutions for microfiber pollution.

People Tree

If you’re looking for shopping partners that specialize in eco-friendly products while creating stylish clothing, check out People Tree. From their FSC-certified paper labels to their organic cotton fabrics, this is a brand you can trust.

They have adopted rainwater harvesting and water recycling practices to conserve water use. What’s more, they pay all of their workers an equitable living wage!


The final brand on our earth-friendly shopping partners list is Rareform. Their trendy backpacks are made from recycled vinyl that would otherwise end up in landfill sites. They ensure nothing goes to waste by using scrap pieces of material for their small items, such as keychains.

Not only is this brand eco-friendly and vegan, but their artisan crafting process results in high-quality bags and accessories you’ll want to show off!

Those Are the Top Eco Friendly Brands to Buy From

From reducing plastic consumption to reusing materials, these eco-friendly brands are all doing what they can to encourage sustainability. By supporting these businesses over competitor brands, you can use your consumer voice to help save the planet.

For more ideas about how you can help support the environment, check out our other posts!


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