FAQs When Remodelling Your Bathroom

April 12, 2021

From the moment you start thinking about remodeling your bathroom to when the project ends, you will have plenty of questions. It can be a bit confusing when you talk to different contractors about your requirements.

They will come up with varying ideas and give different suggestions. To avoid the confusion that may come with it, have a list of questions you would like answered.

Research and compile them until you are certain, that you have all the questions. What are some of the questions that you should seek answers to?

Where Should You Start?

The first thing that you do is think about remodeling the bathroom. Then ideas start coming up on how you want the results to be.

This idea comes with a budget in the picture. You must draw up one that will work for you. When doing so, it's paramount you understand what needs to be done.

It could be broken tiles, terrible countertops, flaky ceiling, or even outdated fixtures that need replacement. They must be fixed for a comfortable bathroom.

Besides the repairs, you need to budget on the paint depending on the preferred color scheme, labor, and miscellaneous. It is advisable to come up with a list of things that must be done.

Is It Necessary To Replace Everything?

A bathroom consists of different types of fixtures. Some need replacement while others are still in good condition.

At this point, it would be wise to talk with a licensed contractor. For the existing accessories, they should inspect them to determine whether they are in good shape or not.

The beauty of working with an expert is that they can advise what may be kept and what requires replacement. It is not always necessary to replace everything during bathroom remodeling. Some fixtures need touch-ups, a new space, or to be paired with something modern.

For those that need a complete makeover, look out for discounts on bathware from wholesalers.

Do You Have Enough Money to Fund the Project?

This project can be quite expensive despite the area to be worked on being small. It is important to have a budget beforehand, but this should not limit your options.

Not everything has to be replaced. Some can be refurbished and look as good as new, especially if they are of quality.

If you cannot get what you are looking for in a local home improvement store, you can check online. You will find not only the common fixtures and accessories, but you will also find unusual ones.

Recycling groups and flea markets are excellent options for your purchases. Whether you are searching for brand new or second-hand fixtures, reclaimed materials, getting them should not be a challenge.

What Are the Permits Needed For the Project?

This will depend on your area. There are some changes that you must get permits before they can be affected.

Some of the projects that require permits in most areas are such as resizing the bathroom, altering plumbing, and changes in load-bearing walls.

This information can be found in your local building codes, and bathroom contractors are a great reference. You do not want to start the project only to be stopped and penalized for not abiding by the local codes.

Being informed will help avoid tax issues, penalties, and even insurance issues.

Which Are the Best Materials?

Quality is one of the things you should be looking for in these projects. The vanities to be installed, the light fixtures, countertops, toilets, door panels, tiles, the ceiling, and tiles must be high-quality.

It will prevent premature replacement and the frustrations of having to spend more on repairing the bathroom.

The same goes for the paint. There are different types available such as flat, matte, or semi-gloss.

Semi-gloss is perfect for easy cleaning, especially wiping down stains and handprints. It is also a kind of paint that will enhance the lighting in the space.

How Do You Choose the Right Contractor?

Results of bathroom remodeling are personal. You can achieve the space that you have always wanted when you hire the right contractor.

If you are planning to resell your home, this small project can increase its resale value. Thus, you need a contractor with experience and licensed.

The first thing you do is to search for professionals. This could be local, through references, or online. You have to interview at least three or four of them.

As you shortlist the ones you would like to work with, check their licenses and credentials first which must be up to date.

This is to ensure they are registered with the relevant bodies, they are insured, and bond with the regulations. It also helps in checking their criminal records.

Settling on one without interviewing could lead to disappointments. During the interviews, ask for their previous works. It will give you an idea of what to expect and whether they can see the successful completion of the task at hand.

Clarify to them your requirements, and they can explain what they understand. Discuss everything that will involve the work including materials, timeline, and warranty.

You can have a to-do-list in advance and share it with the contractor.

Before signing a contract, be certain you can work well with the expert. Keep an eye on their professionalism and testimonials from previous clients.

Do not rely only on what they tell you they can do. Both of your schedules are also important to consider.


Remodeling a bathroom might seem like a small task, but it is one of the most demanding projects in home improvement. It involves budgeting, research, replacement of fixtures, painting, repairs, and labor.

You must hire a professional and invest in quality materials. Before the project begins, write down all the questions that you could be having.

While it is easy to answer some, others will require a home improvement professional and supplier. It is only after this that you can kick off the project.

Despite this seeming like a small project, it increases your home value. When done right, it will be a satisfying home improvement project.


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