Fixing Swampy Areas Around Your Pool or Patio

April 16, 2021

A pool or patio area provides a place for relaxation and stress relief. These areas also provide a great space for entertaining and fun. However, when the area around a pool or patio becomes swampy, it can put a real damper on plans and vibes. Do not fret, though. There are solutions to this messy problem.

There are a variety of answers to this type of problem. Some may require the installation of drainage systems while others involve planting particular types of plants and flowers. In other situations, it can be as simple as checking out a current drainage system for an issue that can be resolved.

Read on to find out potential solutions, which also cover a variety of budgets and needs, to choose the solution that will best suit the drainage issues and swampiness near your pool or patio.

Check Current Systems in Place

One thing that can immediately be done is to check and see that the current systems that are in place are truly working. From downspouts and overhangs or any other types of drainage methods already in place need to be checked. Are they blocked? Are there things clogging the area preventing water flow?

If there is damage to any pipes or downspouts, it is important to remedy the situation. If replacing or repairing a system is possible, this may be a better option than starting from scratch.

Taking time to inspect things can save money. If a new system does not need to be installed, fixing something instead is an excellent option. Have a professional come in and check things out if you are unsure of what to look for when checking current systems.

Add a Drainage System

No matter the patio design or pool system, adding a drainage system is a logical solution to solving swampy problems outside in entertaining areas. When it comes to drainage, installing a reliable system can be a big help.

In addition to adding a drainage system, safety can also be addressed. Installing a system that is slip-resistant and that also protects toes and parts that may go over the drainage system provides double protection and satisfaction.

Improve the Yard Grade

Leveling the ground in order to have a better slope to deal with standing water can help with swampy areas. When increasing the slope, low spots and areas that can cause swampiness by the pool or patio can be addressed. This can be taken care of simply by adding topsoil to an area of concern. This helps level the ground and encourages proper water drainage.

Borders Can Cause Problems

A lot of people think adding borders, such as stones or bricks, provide a great visual appeal around patio and pool areas. However, this can actually be an underlying cause for drainage issues and can create swampy messes instead.

Remove the extra borders. A border is to trap and block things - why would you want to unintentionally have water get trapped and blocked in an area? Combine a natural option with plants and use a slope that helps water drain correctly.

Install a Dry Well

A dry well is something that can be installed and utilized thanks to gravity. A dry well is placed underground in a location where water would normally pool and create a swampy area. However, the dry well collects the runoff water and allows it to go naturally back into the soil. It does not cause a sudden rush or drainage of the water. This is a method that does not require someone to physically remove the water from the dry well.

Never Let Water Lie

Rain and snow happen. A simple way to help a patio or pool area from becoming swampy is to clean places like the patio by removing the standing, extra water. It is not a good idea to let nature take its course and allow the water to evaporate naturally. It will take a very long time, and it can become a swampy, and sometimes smelly, mess.

Go with a Natural Solution

Depending on where you live, you can add rain gardens to your areas near the pool or patio. Rain gardens provide a natural and beautiful solution to drainage issues. By planting perennials and long grasses that are good for water absorption, this option can be a more cost-effective option than some other man-made solutions. In addition, having a natural addition to a place that normally becomes swampy means beautiful replaces murky and damp.

Ask for Help

Just because you own a home does not mean you need to have all of the answers. If someone believes something is not right when it comes to the area around a pool or patio, have someone come and investigate. The cause of the problem may not be obvious, and it might not even be in a location directly next to the swampy area.

This is why bringing someone in with experience in this area will be beneficial. Reach out to a reliable resource. A contractor, a landscaper, or an excavator may be the way to go. Make sure you choose someone with experience and a good reputation.

Ask friends and family for their recommendations. Also, refer to places like the Better Business Bureau to ensure getting someone who is reliable and trustworthy. Pick up the phone, or do a search on the internet to get started.

You Can Find a Solution

There is a solution out there that will suit your needs. Do not think for a moment that because the pool or patio area is a swampy mess that it is doomed to be that way forever!

Take some time and get to the root of the problem. These areas should result in entertaining ability, relaxation, stress relief, and fun. These areas should not take away those feelings! So, get rid of the swamp, and add in the joy!


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