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How to Choose Recliners in Columbus, Ohio?

Have you decided to invest in a recliner? These chairs are not only the perfect choice for relaxing and lounging but also for providing lumbar and neck support.

Reclining chairs can recline, rock, lift, and massage, depending on the features. Nevertheless, buyers should select the right type in accordance with their body measurements, home décor, and movement limitations. Recliners can be bought in various sizes, colors, styles, and add-ons.

The shopping tips below will assist you in buying the best reclining chair in Ohio.

Select a type

The first consideration when purchasing a recliner in Columbus, Ohio, is selecting the right type. There’s a wide range of such chairs, suitable for rooms of different sizes, various decors, specific taste requirements, and potential orthopedic conditions.

For instance, the function of rocker recliners is explained just by looking at the name. These models rock and recline, which makes them helpful for individuals suffering from insomnia. A large number of people use these furnishings instead of beds, as they help them nod off. Nursing mothers also find them convenient, as the rocking motion soothes the baby.

Wall-hugger recliners are another popular model, appropriate for homeowners whose home space is limited. Individuals should sit up straight in such a chair, which makes the process of getting up easier. The height of the seat can be adjusted in order for people with bad knees to have no trouble getting up.

Lift chairs are popular in people with limited leg capacity, especially those with weak knees. There is a variety of recliners in Columbus, Ohio, available in an array of styles. The lift chairs use a motorized mechanism whose function is to push the chair from the base. These models come in different sizes and shapes, which match different body types.

Ultimately, massage recliners, as the name suggests, are designed to massage the back and legs of individuals. Some models are even equipped with a heating feature. These chairs are undoubtedly the best choice for people in search of comfort after a tiring day.

Consider your size

The size of the user is absolutely important when shopping for a recliner in Columbus. Fortunately, these chairs can be found in an extensive range of sizes, suitable for children and adults of different heights. The height of the user is the most important factor, as most models come with built-in headrests.

Consequently, a short person might find certain recliners inconvenient, as his/her head won’t be placed on the headrest but the spinal support area. In contrast, tall people find most headrests inappropriate, as these support their necks, not their heads.

Therefore, buyers in Columbus, Ohio, are advised to measure their bodies before purchasing such a chair. The measurements should be taken from the knee to the heel, as well as from the heel to the tailbone. Also, one should measure his/her hips so as to compare the measurements to the width of the seat. Check out this site for five useful methods of taking body measurements.

Choose between electrical and manual reclining

There are two types of reclining chairs, electric and manual. The former depend on an electrical mechanism for making recline adjustments. The latter use a level-pull to perform the same function. The cost of the electrical models is naturally higher due to the use of electrical components.

Nevertheless, as far as maintenance is concerned, the manual models are less demanding and prone to damage. The absence of electrical parts reduces the risk of defects. Electrical recliners, however, are provided with a larger number of settings for users to choose from, as long as these are placed nearby an outlet.

Longevity is another aspect to have in mind when choosing between an electrical and manual model. Power reclining chairs are pricier but more resistant to wear and tear because of the mechanized motion.

Consider the material

When recliners appeared in the market for the very first time, the selection of colors and upholstery was limited. The only material used was faux leather, whereas nowadays, real leather and fabric are used as well. Faux leather, however, is still the leading material regarding durability. It’s not just long-lasting but also convenient to clean.

Conversely, real leather provides remarkable durability as well. Nevertheless, it’s trickier to clean if getting stained. The following link,, reveals useful facts about the history of leather. The fabric has become a popular choice of material because of its ability to fit with different types of décor, both classic and modern. The lifespan of fabric is shorter than leather, but users are capable of reupholstering the chairs whenever they show signs of wear and tear.


A recliner is what you need to relax after an exhausting day at work.

Sit back and enjoy the support it provides!


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