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How to Find the “Best Real Estate Agent Near Me”

You typed “real estate agent near me” into the search bar, pressed enter, and gave up after seeing countless search results. Selecting the best real estate agent can be a stressful task but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking for a new place to live or you need help selling your property, finding the ideal agent is a no-brainer. We’re here to help you find the best real estate agent near me.

Search Online

The easiest way to find expert real estate agents is by doing a quick web search. Googling “real estate agent near me” is an effective start, but don’t stop there. Once you’ve found the websites of top real estate agencies in your area, review their company profile to see individual portfolios of their agents. Look at their past records, their portfolios and their client’s in the past with whom they’ve worked with so that you can get an idea if they are good for you or not!

Ask for Referrals from Agents

Not all real estate agents will see it as a competition. Agents will be happy to refer you to their colleagues, especially if they don’t specialize in the type of service that you require. For instance, one agent may work exclusively with single-family residences but have no experience with luxury homes. 

Research About the Agent

Most real estate agents in the twenty-first century have an online presence. Use this to your benefit by checking their social media accounts and other online platforms where they promote their services. This can be a good opportunity to read online reviews.

Ask for References

When searching for a real estate agent near me, you may want to ask agents for information on properties they have recently listed or sold. Ask for the contact information of two to three clients, and give them a call to find out the kind of service they received from the real estate agent. It’s a major red flag if the client doesn’t seem to remember dealing with the agent at all.

Lastly, Trust Your Gut

This may sound cliche but it’s true. There are some people who, within the first handshake, you know you can’t trust. It’s typical in the real estate field to meet plenty of agents who are in it for the commission. Many real estate agents often lie about their credentials. If your gut tells you that they’re in it for the cash instead of your best interests, your gut is most likely correct. 


It pays to do your homework before signing a contract with a real estate agent. As exciting as buying or selling a new home can be, you’ll be grateful that you took the time to verify information, instead of going for the first search result for “real estate agent near me.”Take your time in doing proper research before taking any decision as real estate and property involves a lot of hard earned money.

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