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How To Make A Small Bedroom More Spacious

Having a small bedroom doesn’t need to be a cramped and uncomfortable space. Sure, if you leave it as it is with no room to move around and difficulty in finding where to put things, it can lead to a lot of stress.

What I mean is that there are a lot of ways to design your bedroom to have a lot of extra space even if the dimensions are not that big. It takes some creativity and thinking outside the box, but once you have a plan then you can end up freeing up a lot of space. In this article, we will go over several tips for you to be able to enjoy a bigger seeming space even when the bedroom is small.

Take accurate measurements

You have to know what you are working with to be able to accurately plan your space to maximize the usable area. This involves taking measurements of the space so you can then measure furniture to understand how to fit things better. Measure the floor space, but also the height of the room so you can use all three dimensions.

Then take some time to get an idea of the space of the objects you need to put in the room. You’ll need twin mattress dimensions to understand how your bed will fit into the space both in terms of the floor area, but also the height so you can use the space under and over the bed.

Use all the space

You have a lot more space in your bedroom than you realize. It starts by looking at the walls and using the vertical space available. Even the ceiling can be used to free up a lot of space on the floors.

For instance, there are a lot of hanging nets that can be attached to the ceiling and used as a way to store things like your sports equipment or stuffed animals for a child. Then, the walls can have shelves to store just about anything. Floating shelves can be placed over a bed or other furniture.

Under furniture should also be an option. Raise your bed if need be to put boxes or containers underneath for extra storage.

Everything has its place

Having a good system to organize your stuff will go a long way towards freeing up space. Clutter is one of the biggest reasons that your room seems smaller than it is and it also adds to stress and anxiety.

If you have a system, then keeping things organized will free up space by making sure you have things stored properly. You never have to have things lying around because you don’t know where to put them since you don’t know where they should go.

Find out where to put the things you use the most and then the things that aren’t used much so you aren’t using up valuable space for things you don’t need. Put things like that in a basement or attic and clearly label the containers.


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