How to Prepare your House to Sell

April 23, 2021


Thinking about selling your home? If so, there are several critical elements to keep in mind that will make your home sell faster, and that will appeal to potential buyers. Perhaps you are moving to a new location, downsizing to something more manageable, or relocating because of a new job you just landed. Depending on your situation, selling a house doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be easy by taking the right steps.

Make the Front Yard Presentable

First impressions go a long way in the housing market because the first thing potential home buyers look at is the front yard. Believe it or not, a great and healthy-looking yard will increase the likelihood of your home being sold within a few weeks and even within a couple of days, depending on market demand. To lessen the amount of time the home sits on the market, it’s worth the investment to make the home as presentable as possible. This can include planting new grass and plants, installing new front-facing structures like windows, doors, porch areas, and remodeling old driveways.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

The interior of the home has to be in tip-top shape as well in order to attract the attention of potential home buyers. It is recommended to clean and declutter key points in the home, such as the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathroom areas. This will ensure prospective buyers will have a pleasant open house visit that will offer them the confidence they need to make their buying decision. A clean and well-kept home will also show potential home buyers that the home wasn’t neglected and that it was taken care of by its previous owners.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

Taking the step to sell your home doesn’t have to be done by just you alone. By hiring an experienced realtor like Spencer Hsu, you can receive the assistance you need to market your house and even find a new home. The process of selling a home can be expedited with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent. Real estate agents are essentially salesmen for the housing market, and hiring one can exponentially increase the chances of a home being sold in a short period of time.

A real estate agent can help you even place your home on popular real estate websites where your house can be a part of a listing of other houses that are going for sale as well. If you have done so already, it is also important to know how much your home you’re selling is currently worth on the housing market. It doesn’t hurt to ask your real estate agent what they think your house is worth. They will gladly offer you their professional opinion. In any case, they may even suggest consulting with a home appraiser to estimate the exact home value.

Depersonalize Household Living Space

Like selling a car, you would remove all your belongings and other personalized items from the vehicle to give the new owner a clean slate. It is the same process for selling a home. There is a very high chance that the new homeowner(s) will want to add their own style and decor to the house, like furniture and other items. Therefore, it pays to have the house in a “move-in ready” state that will show the prospective buyer they can move in as soon as they are able to.


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