Importance Of Wall Forms When Constructing A Building From Scratch - Whys, And When?

April 13, 2021

If you are planning to make your own house, you need to know plenty of things. Wall forms and their types are one of the most debated topics among individuals. It's a bit hard for most people to understand what it means - isn't it right?

For instance, having strong walls is an essential part since we are striving every day to make our houses strong. Building a home from concrete comes with specific challenges. How to start the work? How to support the walls? What kind of things do you need to build the house from scratch?

Wall forms are used by all the builders around the world. This invention has helped people shape buildings easily. You may not know a lot about them but, this is why we are here. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about wall forms and what are some of the significant advantages of using it while building home?

What Are Wall Forms?

Wall forms are recognized as a strong barrier that helps keep fluid in place when you make a wall. These can be compared to molding cups of your concrete walls. The wall forms are placed along the wall until it acquires a solid shape. The modern-day building industry has introduced more advanced concrete wall systems that offer different properties like patterns, cast, and insulation.

Types of Wall Forms

Different types of wall forms can be used. We will discuss the five major types of wall forms mainly used when building a house:

  • Wood form
  • Concrete form
  • Insulated concrete form
  • Foam concrete form
  • Symon form

Wood Wall Form

Wood forms are possibly the oldest method of adding a wall form in your building. These are primary wall forms but are still used abundantly in plenty of facilities. They are mainly made of plywood. This is nailed together with stakes which are primarily made of wood but can sometimes be made of steel. You can easily find plywood for sale from your local market. These boards are set to a standard level with the help of modern-day leveling devices.

They consist of string lines, hand levels, and laser levels. Wood wall forms also consist of slimmer cross-section boards. Wooden wall forms are coated with oil or a release agent that prevents the concrete from sticking to the framework.

Concrete Wall Form

Nowadays, pre-manufactured concrete wall forms are used for large-scale buildings. These are made from processed wood and metal body. They are also known as gang frameworks.

You can quickly form a uniform structure by using this concrete wall form. Since these are pre-manufactured, they use ties to hold reinforcing bars and to save sections when making walls. You can find these wall forms made of concrete in different sizes and shapes. However, if you want, they will also accommodate you for customized sizes. These are particularly in-trend and used by builders and contractors working on large-scale projects. Since they come in customized sizes, contractors have started to introduce them in smaller projects as well.

Insulated Concrete Form

Insulated concrete forms are made of hollow blocks. These blocks are made from insulated material that is joined like your regular building blocks. The base slab is where these wall forms are designed and constructed. This is used as a significant component of both the base and wall structures. These blocks are reinforced, and then cast and slump concrete is filled within them.

This wall form and concrete are sandwiched together. This device is highly energy efficient. Using ICFs eliminates the need to remove structures. It is not necessary to remove the concrete once it has been finished.

Foam Wall Form

Foam wall forms are more of a non-traditional method to straightly build walls. In this method, the builder is required to pour the form upside down. This helps to achieve a perfect finish to the wall. Melamine, acrylic glass or a laminated board is used to create these shapes. The foam wall form can also create negative spaces in your wall. This usually results in you obtaining an overall artistic look for the wall when the cast is removed. Suppose you are looking for a non-traditional approach that leaves a hint of natural creativity. In that case, this is what you need to purchase.

Symon Wall Form

Symons Forms have been used in some of the most famous buildings that are recognized around the world. This wall form is manufactured in an industry and can be reused and recycled. This makes them a superb option to be used in more than one building. It consists of panels and filters, bolts and handles that bring your building to life. It is made from very powerful steel rails and has a really notable pressure rating. It comes in different sizes and shapes and allows you to work on unique sizes and structures. All the components work together to form a flexible and long-lasting forming process.

Importance of Wall Forms

Often known as formwork, wall forms are one of the most critical parts of the house. Here are some reasons why you need to head out to buy wooden or concrete forms for sale.

Saves Time

By the time it takes to create a project from floor to floor, suitable formwork will save a significant amount of time. Because of the high costs of building, suitable formwork is vital for cutting costs and staying within budget. The use of formwork also allows project managers to ensure that formwork resources are mobilized and immobilized accurately and on time, increasing productivity and lowering costs. If you want to save your time while accurately working on a building project, wall forms should be your topmost priority. This is literally the top goal of many real estate and business professionals.

Improves Quality

Since we focus on quality, having something like a wall form will only improve the quality of the project you are working on. At the end of the day, you must invest in something that will assist you in taking your building project to another level. That's why concrete types are so helpful since they still add a high level of consistency to the mix. They're made out of an array and blend of materials and the price is always excellent. Without a doubt, it is well worthy of your attention. If you want something that meets your needs while improvising on it - wall floors are your thing.

Employee Safety

The benefits of using formwork in architecture are many and cannot be replicated by other technology. For starters, in the building industry, employee safety is more important, and wall forms offer adequate access and a framework that maintains workplace safety throughout the building process. Furthermore, new formwork protects the project's structural integrity by offering customized solutions against multiple superimposed stresses, resulting in incredibly stable and long-lasting structures.

Custom Designs

It is important to use formwork in all types of buildings. You can quickly make different layouts for your houses or structures that you choose to construct with them, particularly in building foundations, stairwells, walls, ceilings, and floors. Another advantage of using formworks during the design of any structure is that it makes it safer and more accessible for the staff to produce a successful building shape.

Tips to Choosing the Best Wall Form

Some main factors are taken into account when choosing concrete forms, which are detailed below:


Are you opting for concrete form rental, or do you intend to purchase one? Before buying anything, consider the cost of ownership and its long-term utility. Suppose it is more cost-effective to rent the shape. In that case, the form type that is most readily available and affordable is selected.


The choice of wall form is influenced by the previous familiarity of a specific style. If a more common type of structure is used, no output loss is required. Loss is required if a new type of system is not adequately trained.

Type of Wall Form

Here is what you need about the type of wall form and its uses:

  • For aesthetics: Use steel form as they provide a clear-cut finish.
  • For tolerance: Use steel or concrete form
  • For low height buildings: Use wooden wall form
  • For abrupt changes: Use Steel form.

Other than this, if you have any customized requirements, it is better that you talk to your agent or contractor. Ask them to opt for the best quality product that meets the needs of your building.


Wall forms are used in all modern buildings. They help the builders effectively lay bricks. If you are hiring someone to build a house for you, it is important to discuss the type and quality of wall form. There are several different types of wall forms, and you can choose the one that meets your needs. Any professional will be more than happy to assist you and help you choose the best one that meets your building's needs.

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