Kid-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas For Young Families

April 28, 2021


When some people start thinking about kid-friendly home renovations, they instantly envision brightly coloured walls plastered with Disney characters. But it turns out that implementing some kid-friendly home renovation ideas doesn’t mean your living space has to look like a McPlayground. So, don’t Grimace.

With that in mind, here’s just a couple of trendy renovation ideas for a kid-friendly home that the whole family can truly enjoy.

Transform That Spare Bedroom Into A Playroom

If your kids are anything like mine, you spend lots of your time telling them what they can’t touch, or where they shouldn’t be playing. So keep one area of your home that’s just for them by transforming a spare bedroom into their very own playroom. Complete it with a reading nook, a hideout spot, or a climbing wall to keep them endlessly entertained and inspired. Not only will all their toys remain inside their kid zone, but you can just close the door whenever they start getting too noisy and rambunctious. While this luxury won’t be available to everyone, there are other options if space is tight like a tepee in the living room corner or cubby house outside. Just designate some space somewhere for some kid-friendly fun.

Build A Vegetable Patch

The healthiest play area for kids is always outdoors in your backyard, so why not make it even healthier by creating a veggie patch for them? You’ll need to ensure they have sufficient space, as well as access to all the essential elements such as sunlight, water, and shade. And don’t forget to plant the right vegetables for the season too. Building veggie planter boxes are a great alternative for backyards without decent soil or if there’s simply not enough room. And as with any outdoor play areas, always ensure the landscaping around the vegetable garden is safe for your little farming explorers. Not only will providing a veggie patch teach your kids where their food comes from, but they’ll also be much more likely to actually eat them because they’ve grown them all themselves.

Install A Photo Memory Wall

Instead of hanging typical arty landscapes around your home, make it a little more personal with some family photos. Most kids love their photo taken as much as they do seeing pictures of themselves. Another option is to inspire pride in their areas by including somewhere they can display the art that they do. Take some of their best drawings, paintings, school certificates, and any other memorabilia and get them framed professionally so you can display them on your walls with pride. Use clean and modern frames so you can mix n match as you like, or keep them arranged in a classic grid from the floor to the ceiling. Otherwise, you could hang up a large family notice board somewhere in the living area, or even pin them all to a complete wall made of pinboard. Whatever you decide, you’ll be able to hold on to their masterpieces forever.

Greenify Your Roof

When you’re renovating your home, don’t forget to look up as well. There are several ways you can greenify your roof space that will also benefit your kids. For starters, you can teach your kids about the environment by installing solar panels, wind power, or even geothermal systems to generate cleaner electricity. Harvesting rainwater from your roof in a rain barrel is also a great green project your kids can get involved with. By positioning large barrels beneath one of your downspouts, you can easily collect rainwater as it falls. Another idea that your kids would love is installing a skylight in their bedroom which shines light from above like a portal into some other magical world. By installing a skylight above their bed, you can turn their bedroom into an enchanted dream as star-studded galaxies swirl around the night sky right above their head. Just remember if you’re doing any work on your roof yourself, always be careful and protect yourself from falling.

Design with the future in mind

The last thing you should take into consideration when renovating areas for children is to always plan ahead. Give your kid’s rooms a truly timeless look by thinking about their current wants as well as whatever they’ll likely need later in the future. That means looking at everything you design like it’s a pair of children’s shoes. You wouldn’t rush out and buy your 10-year-old a pair of brand new $800 Yeezy Boost Sneakers, so don’t design anything tiny like a built-in desk that they’ll grow out of in a few years. Remember too that many kids these days are living with parents until they’re much older, so think about ideas that can be updated from a child’s interests and into something for a young adult. It's all about using classic ideas which don’t need to be switched up over and over and over again.

Final Thoughts

Sure, kid-friendly renovations are often more difficult. Especially when it comes time for the actual renovations to be done. Their routine will get disrupted, there’ll be loud noises and dust, and you can be sure there’s going to be tears and tantrums. From your kids, AND from you. The good news is that with the tips above, and a little planning ahead, you can still have the home renovation of your dreams. So it’ll all be worth it.


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