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Realistic Home Design Ideas For Families With Kids

Life at home is different when you have young kids around. You have to adapt your lifestyle and ensure that your living space is designed to match their needs. Everything boils down to having the right look and feel for your place, which greatly depends on choosing a suitable design and architecture. While an expert interior designer is the best person to design a kid-friendly living space, it is worth having clear expectations when you start designing your home from scratch or look for a revamp. Here are some realistic ideas you can implement.

Safety first

When you have kids at home, safety should be your top priority. Accidents can happen anywhere, so you must minimize the chances of injuries by making safe choices. A one-floor home is ideal for young families, though you can opt for stair gates if you have more floors. Choose anti-skid flooring, avoid sharp edges in design and furniture, and minimize the use of glass in decor. Ensure that plugs and switches are out of reach for the little ones.

Go playful with aesthetics

Kids love the playful decor, so ensure that your living space has that element. Choose bright hues for the walls, particularly in their room, study area, and play area. If your preferences are subtle, consider having an accent wall to create a playful touch. You can bring the element with wallpaper, curtains, and rugs if you aren’t keen on going too bright with paints.

Look for durability

While children seem to grow fast, you wish they would outgrow their messy habits sooner. Designers at dSpace Studio emphasize the value of tailor-made spaces that blend safety and aesthetics with durability. Look for durable finishes for walls, flooring, and furniture because these tend to retain their shine and beauty down the years. Surfaces that are easy to clean remain safe from spills and stains till the little ones are wise enough to stop making a mess.

Opt for closed storage

When it comes to storage in your living space, it will never be enough if there are kids in the family. You will need space to store their books, toys, and knick-knacks, and your needs will only get bigger as the children grow. Experts recommend that you should opt for closed storage because the organization will be less stressful. Additionally, closed storage means you can keep things out of reach if they are meant to be that way.

Ensure accessibility

Another key element of a kids-friendly living space is easy accessibility. After all, you will not want the little ones to struggle to reach the things they need. It is a good idea to create a dedicated play and study space close to your workspace because they prefer to be around parents. At the same time, they shouldn’t distract you while you are at work. Ensure that the kids’ area keeps them happily busy so that they can play safely without causing trouble.

Designing a home for kids requires good thinking, but the right design makes life a lot safer and easier for both parents and children. Just consider these options when you design your place.


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