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Roof Spray Foam Insulation: The Ultimate Guide

roof spray foam insulation

Insulation is vital for our homes because without it we lose most of the heat in the house. This is especially true over winter. If you live in a cold country, you will notice that if you do not have insulation in your walls, the heat just does not exist in your house. To maintain heat, walls need to have proper insulation. Check this post out on roof spray foam insulation.

Not only will your house be warm during the summer, but you will actually have a fairly warm house during winter also. This will mean you will spend less money on constantly high heating bills. With insulation in your home, during the summer your home will not become uncomfortably hot because the insulation actually releases heat when it becomes too much.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

This spray is used in a lot of buildings to make them more energy-efficient. The material commonly used for spray foam is called Polyurethane. It is very safe and has many uses, such as shoe soles, insulation, tyres, mattresses, and much more.

Spray foam prevents unwanted air from getting into the house. Usually, it is sprayed under the roof which is the ideal spot for it to prevent build-up of heat in the attic. Air will have a better flow which means that cold air will not get in during winter, and hot air will flow out so that the attic does not get too hot and does not have a build-up of condensation.

First, when it is sprayed on, it is a liquid. It expands into foam which then dries and becomes very hard. This foam fills any unwanted gaps and holes. Minimal effort is needed when applying it. It is quick to use, safe, and does not miss any areas.

What is it mainly used for?

Because it is a liquid that expands, it can be used on any wall, roof, or crack. It expands and fills any gaps which prevent heat from getting out in the winter, and keeps your house cool in the summer. It is mainly used for the following:

  • Stopping pipes from moving in between walls
  • If something is jiggly, spray foam can be used to fill the crack and keep it in place
  • It fills gaps in windows, walls, doors, and pretty much any crack in your home
  • Improving your sink
  • Insulation
  • It can also be used for school science projects

It Is used widely for many more reasons. The product is sturdy and lasts a very long time, hence why people always opt to use it.

Is it good to use for your roof?

It is ideal for the roof because it makes sure that air travels properly during winter and summer. It prevents condensation from building which is what causes mould and dampness in the attic. Insulating the roof with spray foam will prevent this and stop the build-up of moisture.

As mentioned already, this type of insulation releases heat in the summer so that your attic remains cool. Most houses without roof insulation will have a huge build-up of heat in the attic preventing it from travelling down to the rest of the house. This then causes moisture, dampness, and also prevents any heat from going to the rest of the house.

Roof insulation is important for making sure there is a constant balance in your house. This will stop you from worrying that whatever you are storing in the attic may get damaged. It is good to use on the roof because it is very easy to install which means less manual labour is needed. SPF roofing is energy-efficient, and they are very easy to look after.

Another reason why it is good for the roof is that it is waterproof. There will be no leaks getting into your attic as all the cracks will be sealed off with SPF. It is also cost-efficient as when a crack happens, the installer has to only come in and remove that bad patch of spray foam and replace it with a new spray. It will not cost you a huge amount to get this done, unlike other methods of insulation.

What are the drawbacks of this type of insulation?

Not all contractors can carry out this type of work and therefore you need to look for someone who is qualified in spray foam insulation and has received the full training. Otherwise, you may get an unbalanced roof, with poorly laid out insulation that you more than likely will have to spend money on to get re-done.

Some other disadvantages include:

  • It takes a good while to dry
  • It may take a while to install this
  • If a crack is missed, water damage can happen which can lead to rotting and mould
  • You cannot do it yourself and will need to hire someone to do this for you
  • The gas that is emitted when drying can cause health problems when inhaled

In most cases, if you hire a professional, you will not be dealing with any of these problems and have a perfectly insulated roof.

What is the cost of insulating your roof this way?

It can cost up to $8000 to insulate your roof. The price is about $2 to $4 per square foot. It is quite costly, but the results are worth it. SPF roofs can last up to 25 years with no issues. Even after 25 years, you will more than likely pay much less to get touched up again.

Roof spray foam insulation is the perfect way to get your roof insulated. Not only does it keep the heat in over winter, but it also allows heat to get out over the summer and keeps your house nice and cool. It lasts an awfully long time and prevents build-up of condensation. You will not need to worry about mould or leaks in the roof.

I hope you enjoyed reading about roof spray foam insulation. Furthermore, please leave your thoughts and comments below. Finally, read some other articles like this one on our frontpage. Please let us know which celebrity homes you would like to see and we can post them for you.


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