Six Interior Design Tips for New Home-Owners

April 3, 2021

One of the best things about moving out of our parent’s home is that we finally get the opportunity to decorate ourselves. For too long, we have been subject to the wallpaper we definitely didn’t want as a teenager – and that’s not to say we’re not thankful!

Yet again, purchasing your own space is such a huge life step but there are ways to make it manageable. After you have rid your belongings of all the clutter and moved in, it will be time to get decorating.

Now, the time has finally come, it’s essential that you do the research to ensure everything goes smoothly. Keep reading this article to find out six interior design tips for new home-owners.

Invest in new flooring

One of our first interior design tips is that you should invest in new flooring. When we purchase new flooring for the rooms around our home, it can feel like a luxury and an investment all in one.

Depending on what type of flooring you purchase, it could potentially add some value to your home. This means that, while getting the use of the flooring while you live there, you know that it adds some prospects to the future value of your property too!

Engineered floors, for instance, are both an affordable and high-quality option to consider when shopping for flooring. More specifically, engineered wood flooring is easy to install, affordable and durable, which means that it will stay looking good for many years.

When investing in engineered floors, it is important to consider where you plan on laying the material. For example, although engineered wood floors are very durable, they cannot necessarily withstand higher amounts of moisture. Therefore, you wouldn’t bother laying the flooring in a bathroom or shower room. Instead, you’d opt for something that can be replaced affordably if needed. Certainly consider this interior design tip before you make any quick decisions!

Accumulate furniture over time

Secondly, never purchase all of your furniture from the one place! Many new homeowners make the mistake of taking a day trip to a huge furniture store and purchasing everything from the one collection (you’ll know the furniture store we’re talking about). Whilst this seems like a good idea at the time, it isn’t actually the investment you think it is. Realistically, your interior taste may change as time goes on. We can assure you that you won’t want your bedroom filled will all-white glossy furniture from the same collection.

Instead of this, we recommend that you accumulate furniture over time. This is why moving out of your parents’ home is so great – you finally have the chance to purchase your own furniture and make your own interior design decisions. It’s important that you get this right the first time so you’re making worthwhile investments that will last in style and taste.

Therefore, if you shop independently, local or small, you have the chance to accumulate a stunning furniture portfolio to make your home’s interior one of a kind. Bonus points if you purchase something bespoke!

Start with a blank canvas

A third interior design tip that’ll help you settle into your new home is to begin your interior design process with a blank canvas. Although we can be intrigued to keep the wallpaper or the flooring that the previous owners have kindly left us, it can be difficult to settle into a new home if you’ve not embedded yourself in the design process.

For example, you should be beginning your interior makeover with fresh white walls and some new flooring. Ideally, you don’t choose your colours yet and build up as you go along. With this, you can expect to make your interior very personalised to keep you comfortable and happy from the get-go.

Add colour as you go

Stemming from our previous point, building up colour as you go along is a great way to develop a sense of style around your home. Some make the mistake of adding that perfect coat of fresh white paint then never actually gets around to adding some colour and wallpaper. Instead of jumping into adding colour, a fresh coat of white paint will help you understand the space of your home a bit more and will help you get familiar with the lighting situation.

From here, you can dictate where you can afford to use the dark colours and which rooms need some more light. This is a very useful tip to consider, to try to be gracious and patient with your colour scheme.


Alike purchasing some lovely bespoke items, why not upcycle some of your old furniture? That is if they are not from your childhood bedroom! To retain some funds to spend on other interior items, you can always choose a few things you love from living with your parents and upcycle them so they’re perfect for your new home? Sometimes older furniture only needs a little pick-me-up so it can start its new life with you in your new home. At the moment, designers on Instagram have been upcycling old furniture by painting, glossing or adding lovely fabrics. You should take a look for some inspiration!

Don’t forget about house plants

A final interior-design tip that people forget is that house plants can really change the look of your home. No matter what room you choose to have them in, house plants, succulents and flowers always add some life and soul to your interior. Experts recommend choosing from a combination of larger and smaller house plants, so we have some variation around the home. We love this idea, and it serves as a great recommendation for new homeowners!

Final thoughts

You should consider your new home as a blank canvas to add whatever you like to it. While your settling-in period is still fresh, you should aim to invest in as many things as possible, such as flooring, furniture, and bespoke artwork. Don’t delve into choosing anything too quickly as you’ll need to get a vibe of the house before you make the big decisions!

Carlos Diaz
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