The Best Way to Clean Out a Storage Unit

April 8, 2021


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People start storing stuff in storage units and forget about it. it is not a part of someone's everyday life. Once in a while, you have something you want to keep for future use. You head on over to your storage unit and just throw it in. These storage units seldom get the special treatment they should be getting. Cleaning it out is essential and should be made a priority to clean it at least once a year. In the end, those are your things in the storage unit and it is going to be a loss if the things inside get damaged or ruined. So, it is better to be on the safe side and clean it up regularly. You can hire the best storage unit cleanout Vallejo CA services for this purpose.

Now the things in the storage unit are in there for a reason and that is for future use. The main idea was to preserve them so one could make use of them in the future. If the unit is full of clutter and everything is just lying around haphazardly, it is unlikely one will find what he is looking for and by the time he does, it would have been ruined. Some people even forget about stuff that they stored as they cannot see it under all that mess and after some time, in the time they could have put it to some use, they find it and it is either broken or useless to them.

How to clean a Storage Unit?

Now then, enough reasons have been given why one should keep his storage unit clean. Let’s talk about how to keep the storage unit clean.

Manage an Inventory

The first step to cleaning a storage space is to make an inventory of all the things inside. This needs to be done quickly and efficiently as some things inside the unit might require attention and care. Here’s how you should proceed.

  • Start by writing down what you see inside. Always keep a paper and pen around. Enlist items you can recognize at first sight. May it be large or small. If it's in storage, it's there for a reason. Leave out nothing. If there are boxes then start counting the boxes. Estimate how much time it'll take to clean all this out and organize it. try to figure out how many people will it take.
  • Then take a look at everything individually. Try to find out what kind of stuff you are dealing with. If there are boxes then find out what is inside. Number the boxes and write down what is inside each. If the items are special like something made of glass or other fragile stuff then make a note to be careful with that specific box.

Ask for help

Once everything in the unit is in the inventory it is now time to clean it all out. It is always better to ask for help, especially in cases that involve moving heavy stuff and sorting things out. It gets the work down quickly and keeps the person entertained when others are working with you. Ask for help from friends or family. Sorting out a storage unit will not require experts like waste removal companies so it is better to ask around in your friends and family. Trust me, they will be happy to help and there is no harm in spending time with friends and family and you can also get the work done in no time. free up a day or two asking them to do the same. Head on over to the storage unit and start cleaning.

Clean it all up

Start by sorting stuff into categories mainly three things,

  • Things to sell
  • Things to keep
  • Things you want to throw away

Start taking out stuff and make a pile where all garbage stuff is to be thrown. Take everything out as is recommended that you clean the whole unit before putting stuff back inside.

Get rid of the garbage immediately so it does not mix up with the other stuff. Check the things you are willing to give away. Make sure they work properly and are of use to others.

After separating the things into the above-mentioned categories. Start sorting the stuff you want to keep.

Check for any infestations or holes in the room. If there are any, then under no condition put your stuff back until and unless it has been decontaminated.

Keep the furniture against the walls of the storage unit. Do not pile up stuff unless it is lightweight. If there are boxes inside the unit then label them properly and make sure to keep the label at an angle where it is readable. Wrap glassware in paper and secure it inside boxes, remember to label the box fragile.

Hope these tips help you in clearing out your storage space. If you want things to be done in a more planned and organized way, hire 3 Kings Hauling. They offer the best storage cleanout services in Vallejo.


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