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Things You Should Consider When Buying Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

It is recommended to choose a high-quality, well-made, high-performance, and efficient product buying anything including an unvented hot water cylinder. When buying a hot water cylinder – top companies like Hot Water Solutions, there are few things that everyone should keep in mind.

We’re here to help you choose the best unvented hot water cylinder for yourself because we know that it could be a very hard task for anyone to choose the perfect unvented hot water cylinder.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Appropriate Materials

Always make sure to get the best material unvented hot water cylinder. As an unvented hot water cylinderis designed to store water under pressure, it is recommended that it should be made up of heavy-duty material which doesn’t get affected under pressure. For instance, unvented hot water cylinders are usually made up of stainless steel, glass-lined mild steel, or copper as well. You should make sure that the unvented hot water cylinder you’re buying is a high-grade material.

A lot of low-quality unvented hot water cylinders break down in a very short time and you’d need to replace them often. You should always consider spending on quality rather than going for cheap options that will indirectly cost you more in little fractions of payments in the forms of replacements and repairs.

Consider Warranty

When buying anything, including an unvented hot water cylinder, you should learn about the warranties and guarantees of the product you’re buying. You can talk to the salesperson or check the brand’s website to understand what kind of damage is covered under the warranty. If you think that the warranty is enough for you then you should go for the unvented hot water cylinder, on the other hand, if there is not much warranty coverage then you should consider buying any other option that provides a better warranty.

It is to stay on the safe side and save money in future repairs and replacements as well. Many people overlook the warranty and then regret it later because the unvented hot water cylinders start to malfunction shortly after buying and they are left with no choice but to either pay for the repairs by themselves or buy a new unvented hot water cylinder as soon as possible.


A lot of unvented hot water cylinders are approved by quality checking agencies as well as government facilities. You should always consider buying anunvented hot water cylinder that is certified and approved by certain quality checking industries to ensure that it is safe for you to use in your house or anywhere else. There are many third-party quality checkers such as WRAS and KIWA that check, verify, and approve unvented hot water cylinders for consumers. Since they are not being biased, they tend to mention all the pros and cons of the product and you can easily spot if there’s a downside of the unvented hot water cylinder that you will be buying.


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