Tips on Greenhouse Renovation

April 22, 2021



The last few months have made the consciousness of the people change. More attention is paid to the quality of the foods they eat and how these ingredients are grown or made. Healthy living has been neglected for a long time, but it seems to become a priority again.

The basis of a healthy life is healthy food. And how can you best be convinced of the quality and origin of the things you eat? By making or growing them yourself. If you are a proud greenhouse owner, consider yourself lucky. Even though it needs some polishing, it is possible to fix this space without too much hassle.

See the page below to learn what plants you can grow in greenhouses:

Do Detailed Cleaning

Like any space that lacks love, much dirt and garbage will accumulate in your greenhouse over the years. There you will find a lot of dust, cobwebs, residues of dead plants, broken pots, etc. If the glass panes have been broken, you can find dead insects, birds, and even small rodents inside.

Before starting any work, it is necessary to clean the neglected greenhouse thoroughly. Dirt in combination with moisture is an ideal base for the development of bacteria and diseases. If they spread, your future plantings will be doomed.

For starters, move everything out and pick up larger debris. Wipe the cobweb and do a rough cleaning of the glass. Pay special attention to the pieces of old plastic bags or sacks on the ground. These are one of the main polluters of the soil. Plastic will break up, but it will take centuries to break down.

Check the Frame

The most important of renovation tips is to inspect the frame thoroughly. If the structure is healthy, much of your greenhouse renovation will be significantly easier. But, if there are problems with the frame, that can be tricky. Still, it is not the end of the world.

If the frame is wooden, rotten beams can most often be a problem. If the surface is not large, this can be solved by thorough cleaning and application of a protective layer. Before that, you should remove the remnants of rot with sandpaper.

The construction of aluminum greenhouses can 'suffer' from rust. If it is a surface issue, just sand it and coat it with an anti-corrosive agent. Also, if the construction is slightly distorted, simply straighten it with a hammer. But if the rust has affected most of the aluminum frame, it is necessary to replace it.

Replace Broken or Cracked Panes

Inspecting the glass may help you determine whether it needs to be replaced or repaired. In case of surface scratches that may become a problem, extra glazing will do. If the panel is undamaged but unstable, you should fasten it with a specialized sealant. That is especially true for the parts near the floor.

But if there are holes and larger cracks in the glass, replacement of the entire panel is necessary. You may need to add insulation to the inside of your greenhouse if the existing glazing has begun to deteriorate. Also, you may have to add a vapor barrier to the perimeter to protect plants from moisture damage.

Besides examining glazing and frames, you will also need to inspect the roof. If you have used sealants to waterproof your greenhouse from rain and snow, they might lose their properties over time. If you notice leaks on glass panes but do not see any crack, they come from seals. So, remove the existing adhesive and fill the gaps with a new one.

Think of Plastic Glazing


If the damage to the glass panes is huge, and you want to repair it on a budget, think of replacing the glass with plastic. Sheets of this material itself are quite cheap, and you can install them yourself. You can try double-glazed twin-walled plastic, which is excellent in trapping hot air in between. That provides a stable temperature inside your greenhouse.

Provide Great Planting Conditions

A greenhouse that has not been in operation for a long time deserves an upgrade. That can be achieved by extra external protection on the north side. It reduces the influence of the cold north wind, especially during the winter.

Make sure you keep all circuits within your greenhouse up and running. Clean heating and ventilation systems regularly, as well as those lines in charge of waste and excess water elimination. You can consider passively using solar energy for heating and lighting. Click here on how you can make a passive solar greenhouse.

You may feel like it needs a lot of work to make the greenhouse functional again. But if you follow some simple plans for renovations, you should be able to transform this neglected area into a relaxing and productive place for years to come.


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