Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Smart Thermostat

April 20, 2021

Smart thermostats have become popular with homeowners and property developers, because they offer many benefits. But does that mean it's right for you?

Here are five reasons why you should buy a smart thermostat for your home.

1. They help reduce energy consumption

The average American household spends around $2,000 per year on utilities like electricity and gas. Smart thermostats can help lower your annual number by as much 20%.

A smart thermostat keeps your home's temperature more constant and lowers energy consumption. By minimizing temperature swings, a properly programmed and used home will lower the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere as well as leave behind a smaller carbon footprint.

Many models can also automatically turn down or shut off systems in case you've left the house and forgot to set the thermostat.

2. Remote access convenience

Many people want an easier way to control their home's temperature remotely from their phone or tablet. With a smart thermostat, all you need is Wi-Fi and the mobile app.

Installing an app on your smartphone or tablet allows you to change the temperature of your smart thermostat from anywhere. This is great for when you are out and forget to adjust the temperature in your home.

Using your phone wherever you go, as long as there’s connectivity. Or maybe you're on the couch binging your favorite show, you can quickly change the temperature without getting off your couch!

The top two smart thermostat manufacturers, ecobee vs Nest thermostats, both have mobile apps to give you remote access.

3. They save you money

With heating and cooling costs increasing every year, a smart thermostat can help cut your utility bills by up to 20%.

We mentioned the energy savings from thermostats automatically adjusting temperatures. That will lead to significant savings in energy bills, because your heating and cooling system isn't constantly running.

Some smart thermostats can even grab your local weather reports and adjust the thermostat based on the temperature outside.

4. They allow you to create multiple temperature zones

These thermostats allow you to create up two or more zones in your home, with different temperature settings for each zone.

This setup comes into play most often when there are children or older family members living together under the same roof who have specific needs that may not be met by a single setting throughout their entire house.

Different areas of the home will have different temperatures. If you think about it, that's one of the reasons why you might have a thermostat in your bedroom upstairs and another downstairs in the basement.

Multiple zones also help for different seasons throughout the year. Various parts of your home will be affected differently depending on if it's Winter or Summer.

5. A more comfortable home

A smart thermostat is a great way to have complete control over your home’s temperature. This means you can be sure you are coming back into a cozy environment when the day turns cold or if it is time to rock that summer heat.

One of the most annoying things with old, manual thermostats is you can't change the temperature until you're physically in front of them. So you need to adjust the target temperature and wait for the temperature to change to a comfortable level.

With smart thermostats, you can set the temperature remotely and by the time you get home, it's just the way you like it.

Final Thoughts

One of the other top selling points of a smart thermostat is that it doesn’t need much maintenance or interaction from homeowners in order to function.

A smart thermostat will also learn your temperature preferences and patterns to best save you money. A smart thermostat can be a great investment.

Smart thermostats are definitely worth it and can reduce your heating and cooling bills. Plus, in most cases a smart thermostat pays for itself within two years of purchase because you will be saving money on energy costs by using less energy.



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