Top Things To Do When Visiting Santa Rosa Beach

April 7, 2021

visiting santa rosa

Are you thinking about visiting Santa Rosa? Possibly interested in (Florida land for sale) this beautiful area? This is a fine place to own land or a rental property. There are so many fun, tourist activities there. Below are just a few: 

The Beach

Of course. From the first second that you put your feet on the clear white sand, you will know that this is one of the best beaches in Florida. Santa Rose Beach boasts sugar-white beaches and turquoise water. Additionally, It's beauty on and offshore is why it draws tens of thousands of tourists each year. 

There is so much to do at this beach - swim, fish, paddleboard, kayak, etc. You will find no end of ways to have fun here. You can take a dive into the warm Gulf water, fish for tarpon on a charter, or just take it easy on the beach for a few days. 


There are plenty of great restaurants on and near the beach. You can get the catch of the day at several excellent seafood restaurants and try one of many tapas bars. If you do not have enough time for a full meal, you can grab a bite at many small, cozey cafes. 

Pedal Tours

If you like to bike and explore a new area, you can have a blast with Emerald Coast Pedal Tours. You can enjoy a fresh drink while you go around town with your friends and family. Who can plan a better day than that? 


When you go to the beach, you want to look your best. You can find all of the top brands of clothes at the best boutiques in Santa Rosa Beach. You can always find the ideal addition to your beach wardrobe here. Shopping is a great, fun activity at Santa Rosa Beach! 

Coastal Dune Lakes

You cannot go to this beach without going to the Coastal Dune Lakes. This is a wonder of nature that only happens in a few places on earth. Futhermore, there are 15 of them in this area! Be sure you have your digital camera or smartphone with you when you go. There are many beautiful backdrops and you will want to take family photos. 

Timpoochee Trail

One of the favorite family outings here is biking on the Timpoochee Trail. This is a 19-mile, paved path that winds through state parks, dune lakes, and beautiful beach communities. It is a fine way to get your exercise while looking at all the beauty. 

Live Music

When the day is coming to an end, you can go to one of several live music venues to listen to fine music. Furthermore, the Hub is one of the popular music attractions in Santa Rosa Beach. It is the ideal setting for everyone in your family. They play jazz, rock, bluegrass, country and more. The Red Bar is also a great place to listen to music. 

Museums and Galleries

This area is known for a booming culture and arts scene. There are several artsy villages to explore. You can look at many galleries featuring talented local artists. Afterwards, stop at a local museum and learn about the history of the Gulf Coast. 

So there you have it - the top activities to enjoy when you go to Santa Rosa Beach. There is no end of fun to be had here. And if you really like it, maybe you will decide to buy a piece of land or a second home! Many people love it so much here that they want to live here much of the year!

In conclusion, I hope you think about visiting Santa Rosa. Finally, read more articles on our homepage.

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