Top Trends in Basement Renovation

April 25, 2021

When it comes to basement renovation, the options are endless. A basement can do wonders to your home.

Homeowners embrace new and innovative remodeling concepts that will help change their basements into lovely and cozy spaces. The idea of basement renovation can be a budget-friendly idea, especially if you don't have to expand the reach.

Basements have always been overlooked and termed as extra storage space. However, who wouldn't want to come home to a well-furnished basement complete with all of your favorite things?

The price of basement renovation depends on whether it is a partial or complete remodel. The amenities included also help determine the overall price. A basement renovation costs around $20,200 without catering for licensing fees. However, some contractors have payment plans in place to assist their clients.

Basements can be renovated to a wide variety of options, including:

  • A recreational spot

An entertainment spot complete with games and activities can be remodeled into the basement. This elevates the game when hosting friends or family by giving them the experience to remember.

  • Private dining area

With the right dining furniture and exquisite cutlery, the basement can be fashioned into a wine and dining area complete with the mood and tone and low hanging pendant lights for a fine dining experience.

  • Minibar area

House parties are becoming common, with individuals preferring to stay in and have a more intimate gathering. Renovating the basement into a mini bar area complete with disco lights and a kitchen area can be a sure way to attract your friends into your home. You can also set up a home brewery with your craft beer.

  • Theatre area

Home theatres are always a perfect idea for your family and friends. Adding a flat-screen TV, a great sound system and comfy recliner seats are sure to transform the space into a fantastic theatre spot.

  • Home gym

The basement is a perfect location for a home gym. Homeowners can also go an extra mile and incorporate a mini spa area complete with a steam and sauna.

Why a basement renovation?

  • Value boost

A complete renovation can bump up your home's value and provide a greater negotiating power in the event of a sale. There is a significant return on investment after a basement remodel.

  • Change of scenery

The need for a change in the basement will lead to a basement renovation. Switching up things to a cozy and stylish interior will permanently transform the house and add excitement.

Top trends to watch out for

Below are some trending concepts and ideas that are sure to make your basement stand out:

  • Walkout basement

One of the most common trends in basement renovation is the walkout basement. This basement can be accessed from the outside and bring in more natural light from the outside, instantly transforming the basement into a well-lit area. Plans for renovation of a walkout basement may need local clearance, but the entire transformation is one to die for. The right contractor can fashion a remarkable exterior door and window that faces the exterior and bump up the house's resale value.

  • Bathroom basement

Having a bathroom in the basement is convenient and practical in case you have guests around or want to have alone time. Installing a deep soak tub in the basement will provide a most needed relaxing bath as you have that much-needed relaxation. Adding a cozy bedroom can also work wonders to help in stress relief.

  • Soundproof ceiling

This trend quickly catching on that prevents noise from the basement infiltrate the rest of the house. In the event of guests or children playing in the basement, a soundproof ceiling will help maintain calm and peace all through the house.

  • Open concept spaces

The idea of open spaces creates an illusion of space and proper arrangement and separation of spaces. This enhances the lighting in the room as there are no walls creating barriers.

Things to consider

It is incredibly vital to dry up your basement to prevent the formation of molds and cracks on the walls due to water seeping in. This can be done by heating the cellar at least three seasons a year to maintain dry air in the basement.

Try not to underestimate the renovation. Some individuals may feel they have what it takes to complete an entire basement remodel independently; however, this is a job preferably left to professionals. With the significant considerations needed for lighting, piping, plumbing, and structural support, renovation is best left to professional contractors. However, minor renovations can be fun DIY projects.

Consider the necessary permits and licenses for renovation. Some states require zoning laws for basement renovation, so it is best to familiarize yourself with the state's requirements, and bylaws will save a lot of heartaches when trying to sell or lease the home.


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