Types of DBAs and Their Key Tasks for Your Real Estate Business

April 15, 2021

A database is a systematic collection, organization, and storage of structured information known as data in a computer system. A comprehensive software program known as a database management system (DBMS) controls a business databases functioning. It acts as an interface between the database system and the end-users on it to perform various tasks. The database management system enables these admins to insert, update, retrieve, delete and optimally manage the data within the database. Also, database management system professionals perform the following administrative operations:

  • Carrying outperformance monitoring activities to ensure the database properly execute the end-users queries,
  • Defining the record structure storing the data that includes the relevant field type, size, and constraints,
  • Ensuring proper integrity and consistency of the data within the database
  • Executing data tuning procedures which involve configuring the system resources constituting the database to optimize its performance, and
  • Activating data backup and emergency recovery protocols in the aftermath of database system malfunction.
  • Real estate business is dynamic in nature. There are such countless regions to search for and it gets hard to oversee in longer run. Subsequently, the need is felt for a reasonable Real Estate Software to facilitate the working of the business. Land Software is planned in a way that puts forth the cycle smooth with limiting the attempts of the financial specialist. The product can track down the ideal counterpart for client's property needs, permitting clients to modify the framework and numerous highlights that will develop your business.

Importance of database management systems to real estate companies

Operating suitable database management systems enable real estate companies of all sizes to conduct their business operations smoothly.The software programs enable the employees, top managers, executives, and directors of these real estate companies to discharge their responsibilities easily. They can retrieve, modify or update the data necessary within the business database to perform various tasks. To do so, the end-users need to enterthe correct SQL queries in the database to get relevant results.The software programs function as a convenient interface to allow end-users to access the information within the database easily.Moreover, the database management systems ensure this data is properly organized within the fields of the various record structures. This helps to maintain the consistency and integrity of the data.

In the property business, your capacity to oversee clients in the long haul is totally imperative to drive development for your business. While most specialists will concur with this, many go through years utilizing burdensome and obsolete strategies for dealing with their information base—regularly investing a lot of energy in new leads—and are punished accordingly. In addition to the fact that this results in additional time spent on straightforward, humble errands like account, looking and listing—it likewise hinders your capacity to sustain client connections on a progressing premise and empower rehash business and references.

What is a database administrator (DBA)?

A database administrator is an information technology (IT) specialist which companies employ to monitor and manage their business database systems. This qualified professional has extensive knowledge of various database management systems; this corporate enterprise might use for their businesses. He/she is generally responsible for

  • Installing the initial DBMS hardware in the companies along with deploying and configuring the operating system,
  • Extracting huge volumes of data from multiple databases and importingthe information to a central repository known as a data warehouse,
  • Implementing suitable data backup and emergency disaster recovery plans in accordance with the best industry-specific practices,
  • Identifying potential vulnerabilities in business databases and DBMS software programs that cyber-criminals can exploit to commit data breaches,
  • Enforcing suitable cyber-security measures to protect the business databases from various threats,
  • Granting access privileges and authentication rights to employees according to the responsibilities of their job profile,
  • Carrying out various database tuning functions like hardware configuration or indexing to optimize the business databases’ performance,
  • Constantly monitoring the performance of the databases and finding ways to improve it through software configuration,
  • Optimizing the storage capacity and usage of the business databases to execute end-users queries successfully, and
  • Troubleshooting to retrieve lost data, rectify an issue, or fix a malfunction that can damage the business database.

Types of database administrators (DBAs)

Experts from the esteemed company in database consulting, administration, and management, RemoteDBA.com, different state types of DBAs are assigned to execute various tasks in the DBMS. The database administrators which companies can employ for their businesses generally fall into the following categories:

  • Administrative DBA

Administrative DBA who is in charge of maintaining and ensuring proper functioning of the database servers. They normally perform data migration, security, backup, and replication tasks. Most of them frequently troubleshoot various technical issues affecting the business databases’ performance.

  • Data Warehousing DBA

These database administrators are accountable for extracting and merging data from the various business database system. Then, they import this structured information into a single centralized repository called a database warehouse. These IT specialists often have to perform data cleaning function before commencing the loading,

  • Development DBA

IT specialists under this category develop end-users queries and store procedures that optimize the business database systems’ performance. In doing so, they need to keep in mind the companies' specific needs that employ them. They generally have extensive knowledge and experience in DBMS software programming.

  • Application DBA

These database administrators take on the responsibility of managing DBMS software applications operating the business databases. They carry out activities like application installation, configuration, load processing management, andup-gradation. To do so, they must ensure software applications smoothly integrate with the business databases' hardware components.

  • Architect DBA

The database administrators falling under this category, designs schemas and tables of the business databases. They build a schema structure that suits the needs of the companies employing them. Architect database administrators often ensure theirapplication and development DBA colleagues approve of schemas they create.

Importance of database administrators

The importance of hiring qualified database administrators to companies of all sizes are as follows:

  • These IT professionals manage the business databases at an internal, conceptual, and external level to optimize performance,
  • They are responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of business databases by denying access to users without proper authorization,
  • The specialists make sure the business databases of their employers are secure from potential cyber-threats like data breaches,
  • These IT professionals help the companies decide which cost-effective business databases they need to acquire to meet their individual business needs, and
  • They ensure the software program stores and organize the data in the databases to meet the end-user's needs.

When it comes to hiring the right DBA for your business, you need first to conduct a database health check to ascertain the system's problems (if any exist). The DBA will create a report with the list of problems and the recommendations needed to arrest or mitigate them completely, along with a plan to prevent database breaches.

Both full-time and part-time DBAs can be outsourced for your business needs from credible companies. These remote DBA companies have highly qualified IT specialists who are well-versed and experienced in every field of database management and administration. It is prudent to reach out to them and hire them if your company cannot afford a full-time DBA for your database management needs to ensure optimization and security of your systems with success.

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