Understanding the basics of solar panels

April 20, 2021

Solar energy starts with the sun! And solar panels get used to converting the light from the sun into electricity that can get used for powering electrical loads.

Today, solar panels can get used for a wide range of applications comprising remote power systems for cabins, remote sensing, telecommunications devices, and electricity generation by commercial and residential solar electric systems. To know more about this, you can check out www.actionsolar.net.

How do solar panels work?

Simply put, the solar panels collate clean, renewable energy like sunlight and convert the same into electricity that you can use to power electrical loads. The solar panels are made of multiple individual solar cells that comprise boron, silicon, and phosphorous layers. The solar panels soak up the photons and, by that, generate an electric current. And the resultant energy developed from photons striking the solar panel surface enables the electrons to get knocked from the atomic orbits.

It also releases in the electric field created by solar cells, which pulls the free electrons in a directional current. The complete process is called Photovoltaic Effect. An average house has more than ample roof space for the required number of solar panels to generate abundant solar electricity to supply all the power requirements. The extra electricity generated moves to the primary power grid, getting used as electricity at night.


The advantages of solar panels

According to Independent Energy Hawaii, making use of solar panels is a helpful way to generate electricity for various applications. It is essential to have an off-grid living. It means staying in a location that doesn't get serviced by the primary electric utility grid. The cabins and remote homes can benefit from solar power systems. It is not needed to pay excess fees for installing electric poles and cables from the closest principal grid access point. Also, a solar electric system is affordable and offers power for more than three decades if it's well maintained.

Other than the fact, solar panels allow you to stay off-grid, the best advantage that you can use from solar power is that it's renewable and a clean energy source. Keeping in mind global climate change, we must do all we can to minimize the excess pressure on our environment from greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panels don't have any moving parts and need significantly less maintenance. They are robust and are durable!

One of the benefits of solar power and solar panel is that once the system pays for the starting installation expenses, the electricity it generates for the remaining lifespan can be about 15 to 20 years based on the system quality, is entirely free! If you are a grid-tie solar power system owner, the advantages start from the time the system is online, eliminating all the monthly electric bills. And that best part is it earns the system’s owner extra income from the concerned electric company.

Are you planning to install a solar panel? If yes, you can read through the facts and points mentioned above and make an informed decision. It will enable you to make the most of solar power.


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