What to Expect During a Water Well Inspection

April 28, 2021

One in five wells is reported to have enough contaminants in the water to be a direct health risk for those consuming it.

When was the last time you had a good inspection on your property?

If you have recently moved or don't remember the last inspection, you need to make this a priority to understand the state of your water well. Your family's health could be at risk from a well that isn't maintained or tested regularly. A simple, yearly test can make all the difference for your health and wallet.

Continue reading below for our guide to water well inspections so you know what to expect.

Why a Well Inspection Is Important

A well is different than a municipal water system and common in more rural areas. Annual good inspections are crucial to maintaining water quality and health standards for your home if you are located in such a place.

Maintaining your water well keeps the system functioning properly and prolonging its years of use.

Further, water is an essential component of your home's day-to-day. Contaminants in the water aggravate health issues, especially for those in your house with ailments. A good inspection examines water quality to look after your family's health.

What an Inspection Includes

You should have your well inspected by licensed water well professionals who know exactly how to keep your family and home safe.

Never had a good inspection before? A professional will do several different tasks over 1-2 hours to ensure the well is working at its best.

The well specialist examines the equipment to make sure it meets safety standards, including the water tank, valves, and pump. A flow test will be performed to check the output of your well, and this also includes a water level check and pump motor performance.

The specialist will also test the water for bacteria, sulfides, water hardness, iron, and anything of concern. Be prepared for extra tests if water appears cloudy or prone to bacterial growth.

Cost for a Water Well Inspection

Doing a good inspection is a necessary and important home maintenance routine to keep up with yearly. An average well inspection costs $300 - $500 but pays off when you think of how much water you use or consume per month.

The cost does not include part replacement or if your water needs more tests to look for contaminants or harmful bacteria. However, yearly maintenance means major repairs are less likely, keeping your bill low each time a good inspection is needed.

Finding a proper well specialist is important, and costs are one thing to keep in mind. Set up appointments with different professionals and have these questions to ask before making a final decision.

The End Results

Your good inspection should end with a clear and concise report from the water well professionals. The report includes all details from the examination and laboratory results of the tests.

The inspector may also share recommendations for what to do to increase quality or prepare for future damage. You should know what repairs are recommended and what newer parts should be purchased next.

If you fail the good inspection, you must take action on the recommendations before your next examination.

Keep Your Family Safe with Clean Water

Your family uses and consumes gallons of water each day at home. A water well is a must to keep in proper order to meet your family's needs. Set up a yearly well inspection to maintain easy functioning and clean water.

Looking to become familiar with other home maintenance routines? Check out our full blog for ways to keep your home in shape!


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