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What’s it like Living in Ireland: 6 Ways Its Amazing

what's it like living in ireland

A small island famous for its castles, Irish cemeteries and tourist spots, Ireland is a well-known place. And quite places like Ireland which is full of sceneries that can relax your mind and comfort your heart every time you see them. It can be a dream place for living. But all that glitters isn’t gold means that life in Ireland also comes with its pros and cons. And if you are moving to Ireland from the USA then some basic information about Ireland is discussed in this article. Read more on what’s it like living in Ireland.

  • Weather:

The weather of Ireland is not everyone’s favourite. It is rainy and wet almost all the year. Sunny days are also part of its weather but it is not much when compared to the cold wet days. And if you are living in the countryside away from cities like Dublin etc, then you might have to use unpaved roads that might not be a joyful experience for many people. So, if you love rain then sure you’ll like Ireland and its weather but if not then think before relocating.

  • Cost of living:

Ireland is a small country but it still costs a fair amount of money to live there. Especially if you are going to live in Dublin then save a handsome amount of money before moving to Ireland as it costs way more than the countryside. And Ireland’s living cost decreases when you move farther away from cities. And eating out in a restaurant is also not recommended if you are on a budget. A meal for two people at a normal restaurant can cost you around 65 USD. And rent, groceries etc everything is expensive in cities as compared to outskirts of Ireland.

  • Health Facilities:

Maintaining good health is important and for that Ireland is a good place to live. As health facilities in Ireland are easily accessible. There are both private and public healthcare centres. In public, you can receive almost all health facilities free if you have a healthcare card. And even if you don’t have it you can still get a check-up but you’ll have to wait for your turn.

  • Dual-citizenship:

It means that while being a citizen of Ireland you can also have another nation’s citizenship. This might seem like a simple thing but there are countries like Singapore where you can’t have two nationalities at the same time. But in Ireland you can as long as that other nation also accepts your dual-nationality.

  • Bank Account:

Is a bank account also a plus point for living in Ireland? Yeah it is, as opening a new bank account in a new country can be a hassle but in Ireland, it is easier than in most countries. Even people from different countries can open their account by using their passport instead of national identity card. It is difficult to open your account online so you’ll have to visit the bank in most cases.

  • Crime is low:

Just like most countries Ireland also has criminals and the crime rate is present but as guns and other firearms are banned from the country, the crime rate is also low. In Ireland, only farmers who own farmland can own a gun to protect their farm from wild animals. Other than that most of Ireland are safe and just petty theft are present. Just keep your guard up.

  • Conclusion:

Well, these 7 points show you that Ireland is a good place to live. And if you are thinking of moving to Ireland then now you know what is it like to live in Ireland? Still, Ireland is not a perfect place to live, some like it there and some don’t but if you are a fan of places where all people know each other and help each other, where you can party all night if you like, then go for it you’ll like Ireland.

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