Your Guide to Warm Weather Bugs in Connecticut

April 15, 2021


The snow is melting, the flowers are opening, and the bugs are populating again. In the Oxford-Rockland area of Connecticut, there are some particular bugs you might see daily—some of them more friendly than others. While the pests in your area may seem like they are little more than annoyances, they can be causing real damage to your home that you can prevent.

Take a few minutes this spring to ensure your home is secured against common pests and determine if there are any additional steps you need to take.

What Bugs Are Most Common in Connecticut?

There are a few bugs that are particularly common in the Oxford-Rockland area. Wasps are one of the more common pests. They can sting multiple times and are very territorial, so they will attack if you get close.

Ants are also prevalent. They tend to go pretty unnoticed until they are a problem. While they are small, they can cause damage to your home if they are allowed to build their nests.

Lastly, spiders are common and can frighten people. They tend to slip in through tiny cracks around doors or broken window screens. Some species can cause damage to your home, though most are harmless to humans.

Dealing with Ants

Ants typically make their way into your home because they are looking for food or warmth. They tend to appear in areas your family frequents because food crumbs are more common. Most ant species are not dangerous to humans, although some people are allergic. Even for those without an ant allergy, their bite can be irritating and itchy.

There are some species, like carpenter ants, that cause damage to your home. Carpenter ants burrow into wood in your house to make nests, compromising your home's integrity.

It is important to remember, though, that ants are beneficial outside in your yard. The tunnels they create help till and irrigate the soil, encouraging healthy plant growth. The best way to keep ants outside the home is to make the yard as appealing and welcoming to them as possible.

Dealing with Wasps

Wasps generally try to build their nests where they won’t be disturbed by humans. However, they sometimes build their nests in roof rafters and porch awnings. Though they don’t want their nests to be bothered, they find themselves closer to humans, where they can find sugary food to eat.

Wasps are territorial, so if you get near them or try to destroy their nests, they will attack. Their stings generally hurt, but they are not particularly dangerous unless you have an allergy. If you are allergic, wasps are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

When they stay outside, wasps are very helpful. They are pollinators, meaning they help plants grow and stay healthy from year to year.

Dealing with Spiders

Spiders usually come into your home looking for food, warmth, and moisture. Most spiders are harmless to humans. They can surprise and frighten you and your family, but typically they are not dangerous. In most cases, if a spider bites you, the bite doesn’t even break the skin. The best way to treat most spider bites is to wash the area with soap and water and apply an ice pack if it is inflamed or sore.

Some spiders are more dangerous, such as the Brown Recluse or Black Widow. Their bites are dangerous to humans, and you should seek medical attention if bitten.

Like most pests, spiders have a purpose. Outside, they keep the bug population limited. They eat the excess insects in the area so that you can better enjoy outdoor activities.

The Consensus

When you are looking at dealing with the bug population in your home and yard, you can do a few universal things, regardless of the type of pests with which you are dealing:

  • If You’re Okay With Bugs Outside, But Not Inside

The first step to keeping any bug out of your house is to make sure your house is clean. Insects are attracted to crumbs and spills, and spiders are attracted to insects. Making sure that your house is clean will help keep your home from feeling welcoming.

Make sure you also fix any torn screens and use caulk to seal any cracks around your doors and windows properly. Replace the weather stripping around your doors. Any time you want to bring something in from outside, do a quick check for spiders and bugs first.

  • If You Prefer No Bugs at All

If you don’t want to see bugs anywhere, do everything to keep them out of your home and treat your yard. Seek professional bug control solutions for Oxford, CT and avoid home remedies. While some can be effective in keeping bugs out of your house, they can also cause damage to your home, pets, and children. It is much better to call in professionals who will use methods that are proven safe and effective.

Whether you can coexist with insects outside the home or you prefer never to see an insect near your dwelling, knowing more about local pest behavior can help you assess your options for improvement.


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