4 Essential Guest Friendly Home Improvement Tips

May 27, 2021

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Home improvement projects are a good investment in multiple ways. They elevate the quality of your living and increase the aesthetic appeal and market value of your home. But most importantly, they help in hosting your guests in a better way by offering them a comfortable stay. However, undertaking these projects requires time, dedication, and a lot of planning. Plus, there needs to be some motivation too. Thus, guests act as great motivators.

If you expect guests to stay overnight or for a few days, you can work on home improvement ideas to make your home comfortable for yourself and your guests. However, you need to carefully plan the areas of improvement that possess the potential to make your house more appealing for your guests. By focusing on creative home improvement ideas, you can offer your visitors a stay no lesser than a luxurious hotel. Don't worry; this unforgettable stay will not drain your pockets. There are various ways you can improve your home while sticking to your budget.

For example, instead of replacing your front entrance with a new door, you can improvise it by making it attractive for your guests. Moreover, you can offer them a cozy bedroom and a convenient bathroom with essential toiletries. But make sure everything is in proper condition. A dripping bathroom tap or a faulty kitchen appliance poses a negative impression on the guests. It is wiser if you check for all these faults before the arrival of your guests. Thus, if you reside in Cheshire- you can opt for Northwich Plumber for your entire house maintenance needs. All you need to do is search for it on Google and contact them for their valuable services.

To help you with a home improvement project, here we present four essential guest-friendly tips for your home. By following these valuable tips, you can offer your guests a delightful living experience at your very own residence.

  1. Improve your front entrance

It is important to welcome your guests with a good entrance. After all, a positive first impression can enhance your image as a host. Therefore, you can start with the front door. Make sure it is neat and clean. If the door looks dull and old, try to repaint it with some high gloss colors like deep green or bright red. It will give it a fresh look. Also, adding some attractive plants at the entrance will make your home more inviting for the guests. Hydrangea shrubs and English Ivy plants are great options to have. You can either place a hydrangea plant with cheerful colors like pink and purple- or hang the English Ivy plant to level up your front entrance. Don't forget to lay a welcome mat at the doorway.

2. Stock up your kitchen

When expecting guests for an overnight stay or a vacation, it is best to prepare beforehand. Prepare a list of all the essential items you need. Do all the groceries before the arrival of your guests. It will prevent you from running at the last moment. Consequently, you can enjoy more time with your guests. Therefore, stock your fridge with bottled water and refreshing drinks which your guests can enjoy. Likewise, make sure you have your coffee maker placed at a convenient place in your kitchen. Try keeping milk, instant tea or coffee, spoons, mugs, plates, and sugar in the same area.

It is beneficial to freeze certain items 1 or 2 days before the arrival of your guests. For example, you might either store a delicious waffle or some chocolate chip cookies. Once your guests arrive, quickly preheat your items in the oven and serve your cookies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It will satisfy their cravings and will leave a good impression of you as a host.

3. Revamp your guest bedroom

It is best to be creative and thoughtful while setting up a guest bedroom. A rule of thumb is to make sure everything is simple yet elegant. Avoid making it over decorative. Provide your guests with crisp, clean bedsheets and extra blankets and comforters. Ensure your guests have adequate space to store their clothing and other necessities in the closet. Also, make sure the room has proper lighting and a night lamp placed on a bed table.

You can also install a TV for your guests to entertain them. If the room is large, try adding a rocking chair to elevate the outlook of your room. The best thing is to welcome your guests with a basket full of goodies like energy-rich granola bars, nuts, and chocolates. Also, don't forget to place your WIFI password right beneath the basket. These small gestures of care are worth remembering.

4. Upgrade your bathroom with essential items

A sparkling well-designed bathroom with toiletries is a must for your guests. Place a clean towel, soap shampoo, and toothpaste for them. You can also pamper your guests with hotel-style amenities like shower gel and body lotion. If possible, try to add extra storage space where guests can place their bath products. Don't forget to add a supply of toilet paper to your bathroom. Also, make sure your bathroom remains clean and dry throughout their stay at your home.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning for a home improvement project, it is best to make it guest-friendly. In this scenario, when you have guests coming around, you don't need to change the entire arrangement of your house. Minor changes in the home will suffice for it. You can start with a neat entrance. A well-painted front door with evergreen plants will further boost up the image. Also, it is vital to stock your fridge with healthy snacks and drinks. Moreover, try to be extra careful while designing your guest bedroom. Make sure the bed is comfortable and includes all the required essentials. Furthermore, upgrade your bathroom with stuff like hand wash, conditioner, and extra toothbrushes. Together, these thoughtful home improvement ideas will make your guests feel comfy and fresh.



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