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4 Veranda Upgrade Ideas to Add Curb Appeal

There many ways to spruce up the look and feel of your outdoor living area. From the likes of adding creative outdoor lighting, a manicured garden, and even sprucing up your veranda! Yes, a nice-looking veranda will definitely upstage the exterior look of your home. This article explores a few ways to upgrade your veranda on a budget.

Add step lights

Lighting your stairway in the veranda will improve safety and add an inviting glow to your space. You can do so by installing step lights that will enhance your landscape. There are two basic installation options for step lights that you can choose from. You can go for a recessed installation option where the gang box is concealed. The faceplate can be flush against the stair, and surface-mounted. Adding step lights to your veranda will add aesthetics and enhance your safety for your loved ones.

Plant bougainvillea climbers

Bougainvillea is a lavishly brilliant climber you can add to your veranda. They are rapid growers that flower all year round. They will give your space nice colors like pink, magenta, lavender, purple, orange, and red. Some flowers are two-toned, while others come with brightly variegated foliage. Either way, bougainvillea forms a vibrant part of your veranda area and brings charm to your home. The flowers will grow beautifully in partial shade, producing lush growth with large dark green leaves. This makes them ideal for cultivating near your veranda, where they will form a natural and live shade. It is even better when your veranda is in the open. This way the plant will access the direct sun necessary for them to bloom their best.

Try out composite decking

It is perhaps time to also transform your veranda flooring. One way to do this is to go for veranda deck boards. Now, deck options have evolved over time. There are those that come in the form of a mix of plastic and wood products to construct better composite deck options. This comes with a number of advantages. For example, they look beautiful, plus they are far more resistant to bad weather and normal UV rays. This way, they will last longer. The beauty is they come in a variety of colors you can pick from to upgrade your veranda!

Install hanging lounge chairs

A hanging chair is a comfortable piece of furniture you can install on your veranda. The rocking movements that it affords you can quickly relax your whole body. Besides, it is a highly aesthetic element that will add curb appeal to your veranda. There are many types of hanging chairs you can use.

Here are the common types of hanging chairs you can try out:

  • Ceiling hanging chair: this has to be the most appealing type. It hangs on a rope attached to a hook fixed to the ceiling of your house. The ceiling hanging chair will allow a full range of movement for you. You can choose either wider or narrower models depending on the one that suits your needs.
  • Hanging chair with a stand: this is the more mobile type. The seat hangs from a stand placed on the floor. You can choose this one if your veranda has limited space as it is much smaller than the ceiling hanging chair.
  • Brazilian Hammock chair: this type of hammock is known to fit any body shape. It is also relatively cheaper than the other models but will give the aesthetic element.

Pick the ones you fancy to upscale your veranda!

Final word

The veranda is an essential part you would want to ignore as you upgrade the look of your home. Again, there are many simple creative ways to upgrade the look of your veranda!


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