5 Simple Tips to Improve Wifi Routers for Long Range

May 16, 2021

While the range for most wireless routers is respectable, there are many factors that
could potentially reduce and limit its signal strength. As a result, you struggle to
maintain a consistent level of speed or even stay connected. Fortunately, there are
ways by which you can enhance your wireless signal’s range. Here are some simple
tips that should help you improve your Wifi Routers for long range like your Rush
Router .

1. Change the position of the router
A wireless router’s maximum range will have its limits. There’s no getting around this
fact. If you want to enjoy a reasonably strong signal strength all over the place, you
must choose the location of the device carefully. It is also a general rule of thumb to
keep the router at an elevated position. Doing so will help minimize any potential
interferences that could reduce its strength and give it a much clearer path to
connecting devices than it would have had otherwise. If you need a router for the dorm room, you must visit the best router for dorm room. There you get some best router ideas and improvement tips.

2. Replace the antenna
The default antennas that come with the vast majority of routers today tend to be
omnidirectional. What this essentially means is that they deliver the signal in every
direction equally. In many cases, they can be removed and replaced with high-gain
variants. If this is possible for your device, you could potentially improve your range
and get an increase of around twenty-five to forty percent. However, if you’re
unable to obtain a compatible antenna, don’t worry. You can always use booster
antennas to increase the range of your router’s signal.

3. Increase the router’s power
Specific router models allow for increasing the transmitting power. And if your
device possesses this feature, make sure that you set it to the maximum so that you
can take advantage of the higher range. But don’t forget to disable the afterburner
and frame burst options, both of which can be accessed via the web dashboard of
the router. You can boost the range by changing the firmware of your router too.

4. Make use of a second router
For those who have a spare router laying around unused, you can extend your
current network range and double the coverage with it. The only thing that you’ll
need for the job is an Ethernet cable to connect the two devices, making it a quick
and cheap way to improve the range of your signal.

5. Reduce interference
Last but certainly not the least, one of the most effective ways to ensure that your
router’s signal remains strong is to reduce the number of items that can potentially
interfere with it. These can range from cordless phones and baby monitors to
microwave ovens and other electronic devices. Make sure to keep them out of the
immediate area so that the router can transmit the signal effectively.
There are a few things more frustrating than having to deal with limited signal
strength for Wifi connections. However, with these tips, you’ll be able to improve
the strength of the signal and allow your router to cover a wider area.

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