5 Tips for Making Your Move to Los Angeles Easier

May 24, 2021


There are a great many reasons to relocate to the West Coast. The beautiful weather, feel-good vibes, and proximity to art and culture are just a few. Perhaps you need to move for work, or maybe you are just craving a change of scenery. No matter your reason, a big move can feel very daunting, especially if you are not adequately prepared. To help your move get off to a good start: here are five tips that should help make your move to Los Angeles a bit easier.


Visit the City

Firstly, and this may seem obvious to some, visit Los Angeles if you havgee not already. There are many ways you can get acquainted with the city. Ask a friend if they can show you around. Snag some of those travel brochures or a guidebook and spend some time just trying to get to know the area. If you happen to be staying in a hotel or a bed-and-breakfast, ask your host or concierge if they have any suggestions for places to go and things to do. In a city like Los Angeles, there is always something going on.


Create a Budget

Secondly, you are going to want to create a budget for your move. Do you plan on hiring professional movers? Are you planning on transporting your belongings yourself? Will you need to rent a truck? These are the questions you should be asking, as well as trying to identify any other hidden expenses. These things will often add up, so make sure you are prepared.


Shipping Your Car

Most are familiar with packing up your belongings, but what about your car? Unless you plan on driving your personal vehicle presumably a long distance, which can add unwanted miles and wear and tear to your vehicle, you can ship your car.

You may be wondering how to ship a car. In practice, it is quite easy, and there are several options available to you. With many people moving in and out of Los Angeles every year, there are many Los Angeles-based car shippers.

The most common is the open auto transport, which will transport your car while exposed to the elements. However, if you want to protect your car from potential damage, you may choose to go with enclosed auto shipping, such as a covered truck or a shipping container. Go with whatever option feels most comfortable to you.


Save Money on Your Insurance

With the expenses beginning to pile up, it might be worth it to start looking at where you can save some money. A great way to do this is by looking into California car insurance companies before you move. GEICO is a great affordable option, USAA if you are military, or State Farm if you have a student driver in your household. Each insurer has a different way of rewarding drivers, so figure out what is best for you. Discover what kind of driver you are and what kind of deals you can receive as well as what are your new regional options.


Cancel Memberships

Lastly, some things that are often forgotten are memberships. Be sure to cancel all your gym, club, or other memberships before you move. There is nothing worse than successfully completing your cross-country move only to realize you are stuck paying for a membership you cannot cancel without showing up in person. Get ahead of it. Check your bank statements for recurring payments just to be sure you have gotten them all.

Now that you have some tools to get you comfortably across the country, be sure to have fun and enjoy that Los Angeles sunshine.




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