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9 things to do to your home before selling

Before you drop everything and put your house on the market, calm yourself and take a couple of deep breaths. Like many homeowners who want to sell their home, you will absolutely want it to sell fast, right? Why not do everything you can to improve your chances of selling?

Preparing your house and making sure that it is ready for potential buyers to the best of your abilities highly increases your odds of getting a sure buyer, especially in the current market.

Things to do and prepare to sell your house fast in 2021

Getting your house in tiptop shape before actually putting it up for sale will be the best thing you can do for your property. Selling a house needs more planning, especially if you want to sell it for the best price.

Here are the 9 top secrets you can do to improve your stakes that are guaranteed to make your home more saleable and will help avoid problems in the selling process.

  1. Do some minor fixing.

What this includes: All obvious damages in the house, especially in the living room and kitchen

How this will help you: Fixing the obvious problems in your home makes the buyers less hesitant to make their offers. Imagine that you are the buyer, and the first thing you will see is a defective window, a broken door handle, and a crooked curtain rod. Will you have a good feeling about your visit?

What if budget is an issue? Fixing small issues does not need a lot of money. Plus, it will be a good investment to make your house look more pleasant to live in.

2. Do finish your uncompleted projects.

What this includes: All the obvious unfinished projects, like a bare wall, an incomplete painting job, a fence, basement, etc.

How this will help you: Buyers do not like looking at incomplete projects when visiting a house. After all, they will already pay for the property, why should they pay more to finish what you started?

What if budget is an issue? Prioritize the projects that will have more effect on buyers.

3. Do clean until it sparkles.

What this includes: Ideally, all areas in your house. If time is not your friend, consider focusing on the living spaces such as the kitchen and entertainment room.

How this will help you: No buyer will like a dirty home, as they will also think that the house is not in a good condition.

What if budget is an issue?

What if budget is an issue? Though it may be tempting to hire a cleaning service that specializes in staging your home, you can clean your house by yourself.

4. Do add simple decors.

What this includes: Plants and colorful flowers can be good in making your area look pleasing.

How this will help you: Decorations in small amounts can be helpful in setting the area and making it look more livable.

What if budget is an issue? No need to use fresh plants, you can also make use of decorative ones.

5. Do minor upgrades to your curb.

What this includes: Rearranging your lawn, keeping it clean, adding plants, and wiping outside decors

How this will help you: Trimming your plants and making your walkways nice and neat acts as the “package” to your house. It is what buyers see first, and you can invest more to make them stay.

What if budget is an issue? You don’t need to spend a lot if money is tight. Just make sure that the area is clean.

6. Do ask for an agent.

What this includes: Local real estate agents that are proven to have a good record

How this will help you: Agents can help you sell your property fast. They can give you some tips on how to improve your house and they know people that may be looking for a home just like yours.

What if budget is an issue? Agents are not required as you can sell your house by yourself. However, try to look around for an affordable agent that still does great work.

7. Do some decluttering.

What this includes: Toys, personal mementos, pictures, bulky furniture, unsightly items, etc.

How this will help you: Having a clean space makes your home look seamless and uncluttered.

What if budget is an issue? Try to position your belongings in a way that will not be annoying for potential buyers.

8. Do update your hardware and fixtures.

What this includes: lighting, doorknobs, cabinet and drawer handles, sinks and faucets.

How this will help you: Updating your hardware makes your space look less outdated and more modern.

What if budget is an issue? Prioritize your hardware, as it will not cost a lot to replace.

9. Do order a land survey.

What this includes: boundaries, man-made and natural features, sewer systems, and more.

How this will help you: Land surveys help you avoid problems with neighbors and gives you a legal document that you can use during disputes. This will also make you more trustworthy and credible to potential buyers.

What if budget is an issue? Choose a surveying company that will give you the best value for your payment. Make sure that they are known to give accurate results.


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