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Benefits of balcony waterproofing

Balconies are not just an area for recreation but also add aesthetic appeal to the house. People have recently realized the fact and have been spending money to buy decorative pieces for their balconies. However, what they still do not realize is that balconies as a structure are more prone to water seepage. They are open areas, and any water on the surface may seep easily seep into the floor.

When the water seeps in, it affects the underlying layer of concrete and reduces its load-bearing capacity, leading to collapse. In case of prolonged water seepage, the moisture may get to the other parts of the house, affecting their structural stability. This is where balcony waterproofing comes to your aid. You might still be wondering if you are still wondering why balcony waterproofing should be your primary approach, then you must read ahead.

The following advantages may help change your mind:

  • It saves a lot of money

How often do you renovate the house and get the minor repairs done? Which part of the house do you spend the most on? It is probably the one which is not taken care of well. Balcony if not attended, will require a lot more repair, and the cost is higher than other parts of the house. Moreover, water seepage will result in the development of moisture patches on the ceiling and the wall, and so you must not avoid this. If you get waterproofing done initially, you will save a lot in the long run. You would not have to get the cracks repaired periodically. Also, in the absence of seepage, the frequency and cost of painting the underlying structure will decrease.

  • Property valuation increases

Waterproofing your balcony, or for that matter, any part of the house that’s prone to water damage, the valuation of the property increases considerably. This is because a buyer would be more inclined towards purchasing a house that has been taken care of, hence has a longer life span. Balcony waterproofing also ensures that the buyer will have to spend a lot less on repair, which helps saves money in the long run. Imagine yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you prefer a house with waterproofing or the one without it? This question would clear up a lot of things for you.

  • Ensures safety

We generally focus on the outside appearance of a structure while maintaining structural stability and strength. In the absence of waterproofing, seepage will occur, which will affect the stability of the structure, that endangering the safety of the occupants. This is why waterproofing of open structures such as the balcony or the roof is vital.

  • Healthy Environment

We all know that water seepage can lead to the formation of mould. Mould generally grows in areas with high moisture content. Mould is a fungus that can affect the health of your family and other inhabitants of the building. It causes irritation to the throat and eyes, cough as well as skin allergies under prolonged exposure.

You can either get the mould cleared regularly or eliminate the root cause itself, which is the water seepage. Once the balcony waterproofing is done, you would not find a trace of mould in your house anymore.


By now, you would gain insight into the benefits of balcony waterproofing. With this investment, you will not only be able to maintain the structural stability of the house, but it also enhances the aesthetics of the house. All this eventually positively impacts the valuation of the property. So, you must not delay in the waterproofing of your balcony.


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