Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Design and Selection of Outdoor Flags

May 21, 2021

Investing in marketing or promotional flags is one of the best decisions that businesses can make. Versatile and portable, the flags can be easily set up and dismantled, which means the same set of flags can be used on multiple occasions. However, unless you take care to design and choose the flag well or make mistakes, you will not be able to get the best performance and ROI. Some of the most common mistakes to avoid:

Choosing a Poor Design 

Many designs look great on your computer screen but you need to keep in mind that they should reproduce well on the flag fabric and also be legible from a normal viewing distance. You need to make sure that not only is the design appealing enough to catch the eye of potential customers but also the message is easily understood by people passing by with just a glance. It is, therefore, vital to choose a color scheme that not only stands out even in the clutter but also provides the necessary contrast for the text to be read easily.

Mistakes in Spelling and Grammar

Even though it may seem obvious that you need to avoid making mistakes in spelling and grammar in the message you put on the golf flag, it is surprising that many businesses don’t pay enough attention to it and end up damaging their brand image. By making a spelling or grammatical blooper, you can have people doubting your professionalism. Make it a point to thoroughly proofread the content, especially when it is in capital letters, as it is easy to miss spelling mistakes. You may miss even obvious mistakes because you have read it too many times. Try showing it to people seeing it for the first time.

Too Much Clutter

Even if you have a lot to say about your business or a sales promotion, a flag is not the right vehicle to do it. You should remember that for the best impact, a flag design should be uncluttered and have lots of white space to permit easy reading. Since flags are generally viewed from a distance and also flutter in the wind, it can be impossible for people to read too much information. Just including your logo, business name, and phone number or directions to your store is sufficient. The font size should be big enough, and the typeface uncomplicated without any unnecessary flourishes. The font size must not be either too large or too small as it will prevent easy reading, according to Forbes.


Wherever you put up your marketing flag, you must ensure that the size you pick is appropriate. Too small a size in a large venue will not make an impact; while too large a flag in a small space may overwhelm the audience and make it difficult to read the message. You need to pay attention to the choice of the material too, as a material not suitable for outdoor use will be a waste of your money since it may fade, rot, or tear or get damaged due to high winds or pollution.


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