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Common Problem on Bobcat Excavator Hydraulic Motor

We’re big fans of the Bobcat Excavator Hydraulic Motor, however, as with all motors, it comes with some problems. In this article, we take a look at some of the most common problems found when using a Bobcat final drive motor and how you can ensure these problems are kept at bay.

Case Drain Issues

Something users of a Bobcat final drive motor often refer to is issues with the filter in the motor and the impact of clogged case drain filters. If not dealt with, the consequence of a blocked case drain filter is that hydraulic fluid is pushed back into the final drive motor resulting in high pressure. This growing pressure build-up subsequently causes the oil seal to break, allowing for the hydraulic fluid to mix with the gear oil. If left unchecked, this pressure build-up can result in your rotator groups cracking or even being blown to smithereens.

This problem can be avoided by checking and ensuring that your case drain filter is clean. If, when you check it, the case drain filter has changed to a bronze color, this is an indication that it needs to be replaced.

Charge Pump Issues

While not an issue with the hydraulic motor itself, issues with the charge pump can often lead many to think that their final drive motor has failed when the source of the issue is elsewhere. The charge pump provides the pressure needed to put the brakes in motion and, if this isn’t providing enough pressure, the travel motor is not released and it will feel like you’re driving constantly with the emergency brake in motion. If this sounds familiar, then it is important to replace your charge pump so that you do not cause irreparable damage to your Bobcat final drive motor.

Failure of the Main Bearing

Another common issue on the Bobcat excavator hydraulic motor, which can be avoided, is the failure of the bearings. The bearings are a vital part of your final drive motor and provide aid in alignment and minimize friction which reduces the amount of heat that is generated whilst in motion. To effectively maintain your final drive motor, you really need to take care of your bearings.

If your main bearings are already failing you might notice a leak in the main seal of the motor and subsequent leakage. As this oil seeps out and becomes insufficient for the main bearing to work effectively, it will mean that the bearing is at risk of being damaged. If this isn’t checked, then it can serve to damage your entire final drive motor and mean you need to completely replace it.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, be sure to check that there is enough oil for the hub bearings after every 500 hours of use.


Effectively maintaining your Bobcat excavator hydraulic motor is not complicated, and by being aware of these common problems, you can put measures in place to mitigate them. If you’re reading this and realize that your final drive motor is irreparable, then be sure to check out a great range of Bobcat final drive motors here.



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