Dog Fence Lighting Brings an Element of Safety to Nighttime Outings

May 25, 2021

Homeowners looking to make an attractive and functional upgrade to their outdoor space see major benefits when they invest in outdoor lighting. Outdoor illumination has come a long way in recent years, moving beyond simple floodlights and path lights. Today, property owners reap the benefits of innovations like modern chain fence lighting, which adds convenience and security to everyday life at home.

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect when you invest in quality perimeter illumination for your yard.

Keep track of your pup in the dark

Perimeter lighting is especially helpful for dog owners—especially those who have puppies or senior dogs. High-quality landscape lighting fixtures make it easy for you to let your pup out for those inevitable nighttime potty breaks. Dogs are naturally curious, and they’ll follow a scent or sound no matter how much you want to head back into the house.

With reliable perimeter lighting, you’ll be able to have a constant view of your dog no matter the time of night. You’ll never be stumbling around in the dark looking for your furry friend, and they’ll appreciate the extra visibility, too.

Everyone knows that the loss of your four-footed friend is a huge stress and tragedy for dog owners, and for this you always need to have additional security which will minimise the chance of bad consequences. And for this you can equip your pet with a dog tracker or a Spoton virtual fence and always have your dog in sight. You will not only determine the location on the map, but also receive an SMS if your dog crosses certain boundaries. This will be a good combination with perimeter illumination for your dog's safety.

Chain fence lighting doubles as security lighting

Perimeter lighting provides an important secondary benefit: safety and security. Lighting fixtures attached at regular intervals around your yard serve to illuminate the entire outline of your property. Bright light is a great deterrent that keeps unwanted trespassers—both people and animals—from venturing onto your property.

Quality perimeter illumination like chain fence lighting ensures that there’s no place to hide on the edges of your yard. Some chain fence lighting options incorporate motion detection technology to alert you at the first sight of an unexpected visitor. Combined with other outdoor lighting options, including floodlights and soffit lights, you’ll have a clear view of everything and everyone on your property—even in the darkest of nights.

Setting the tone for relaxation after dark

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending the evening lounging in your outdoor space. Make the most of these peaceful moments by setting the mood with soft perimeter lighting. Surround your yard with a soft glow and fully admire your landscaping features with fence lights. Plus, they provide an additional opportunity to get creative and put your own personal stamp on your property.

It’s smart to incorporate perimeter lighting into an entire outdoor illumination strategy complete with path lights, floodlights, string lights and any other fixtures you need to safely and comfortably unwind in your private oasis. For those who prefer to host after the sun goes down, overhead string lights from trellises and pergolas offer vertical illumination that juxtaposes nicely with chain link or wood fence perimeter lighting.

Make an investment in dog fence lighting

While perimeter lighting provides the benefits described above, remember that you get what you pay for. Lights from the big box stores aren’t known for their reliability. Typically, they’re cheaply made, and they also don’t come with helpful options like motion detection. Rely on outdoor lighting professionals to help you choose superior quality lights that stand up to the elements and retain their beauty for years to come. You’ll be able to tell the difference just based on appearances alone.

It’s smart to invest in the quality that you’ll only find from TouchStone Lights. When it comes to illuminating your property with fixtures that both look and function beautifully, there really is no other choice. Whether you’re illuminating the edges of your property to keep it safe and secure or casting light on an intimate backyard setting, it starts with chain fence lighting.


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