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Easy Ways to Keep Birds Away from Your Property

Do you have a lot of birds hanging around your property? The last thing you want is for them to build a nest near to your home or business. This will mean that they plan on sticking around and birds can cause a lot of damage. If you are looking for easy ways to keep birds away from your property, but without harming them, we have some tips for you.

Keep Shiny Objects Outdoors

If there is one thing that birds do not like it is shiny objects. This is something you can take advantage of if you want to keep birds away from your building. The shiny objects do not have to be anything complicated. They can simply be metallic paper, aluminium cans or small mirrors. They do not like the reflection and the way that light can reflect of these surfaces. This is likely to make birds choose other places to rest and for them to build their nests elsewhere.

Choose Anti-Bird Netting

Have you ever heard of anti-bird netting? This is becoming a popular solution for keeping birds away from buildings. The concept is simply yet effective. Anti-bird netting is able to keep them away from certain areas of a building that can be appealing for resting and building nests. Namely, this can be ledges, the roof or other spaces. Thus, this netting simply stops the bird from getting their and acts as an effective barrier. It does not cause harm to the birds in any way. What’s more, the netting can be a similar colour to the building so that it is subtle and cannot be seen.

Stop Feeding Them

This might seem like an obvious tip to keep birds away but you would be surprised how many people complain about them after leaving food out. Remember that birds will return to somewhere where they are able to meet their basic needs. In other words, if they think that they will get food somewhere, they are going to come back. The best thing you can do is stop feeding the birds altogether. This way, they will learn that there is nothing for them and move on.

Make a Bird Repellent Spray

There are some people that swear by making their own repellent spray to keep birds away. There are some products you can buy in stores. But, if you are on a budget or are looking for a quick solution, you can make your own. This can include mixed crushed red chilli peppers, water and vinegar. Apparently, this creates a smell that birds do not like and they will leave an area if you spray it on ledges and around nesting areas. Of course, it is important to remember that this might not work if you already have a lot of birds coming to your property. You might have to try another solution.

Use a Sonic Device

You can always try using a sonic device to keep the birds away from your property. This is an affordable device that can be solar-powered and they emit a sound that we cannot hear. But, the birds can and they do not like it. It is able to humanely keep birds away since they are not fans of the noise it makes. It may also work for other wildlife that find your property interesting and a place to live. Again, the idea is that it can scare them away from the area and they decide it is not safe for nesting and living.

Try a Decoy

Have you considered positioning a bird decoy near to your property? This might just do the trick if you have some birds hanging around. They are going to think that this is a predator to them. Instead, they are going to move on since they no longer deem the area safe for resting and building a nest. While this might only work with some birds, it is worth a try. In addition, you may have to move the decoy around for it to be effective. Otherwise, some birds might get accustomed to it being there.

Install Anti-Bird Spikes

If you have high ledges and windowsills on your building, these places can be just too tempting for birds looking for a resting spot. But, this is not something you want to encourage as they have the ability to damage your building. You can always choose a company to install anti-bird spikes. They are a humane way to deter birds from these types of spots on a building you have.


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