Five Plumbing Hacks To Save You Some Trouble In Your Home

May 25, 2021


One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is keeping the water flowing steadily throughout the house. A faulty plumbing system doesn't just mean low water pressure and leaking pipes. In extreme cases, the entire house's foundation could suffer as leaking water loosens the soil under your home. It would be wise to call a specialist to take a look if the problems are complex. But it will burn a hole through your wallet if you do so for every little thing. So, here are a few DIY plumbing hacks you can consider for a quick fix.

Use a silicone gun to fix a leaking pipe quickly

A leaking pipe can cause severe water damage to your house if not taken care of swiftly. Besides structural damage to the foundation, you'll have water seeping into the walls, floors, and roof, depending on where the pipe is leaking. Not to mention the increased water bill from the constantly running water.

Here's a quick and temporary solution. Start by turning the main valve of your home's water supply off. This way, the water flow will completely stop, and you can get to work. You can either fill the pipe's mouth to block the water off or seal the hole with hot silicone glue. After this, call a plumber or water damage advisor as soon as possible. A professional will assess the extent of the damage and provide a longer-lasting solution to the problem. Silicone is merely a quick-fix; there's no telling how long it will hold. Also, it only helps for minor leaks and drips.

Create a tighter seal with some string

Suppose you are tightening an elbow, nut, or screw to stop a minor trickle along the joints and notice that it's not holding in place. In that case, it could impede the progress of whatever it is that you are doing.

A quick solution would be to wrap the nut's grooves with a bit of standard house string or rope. Then get the nut over the strand to create a snug fit. The thread will seal the excess spaces between the nut and bolt and make for a more robust and tighter seal.

Loose nuts and bolts can put you back in square one when doing some general water pipe maintenance around the house by yourself. A hack such as this comes in handy in mundane situations.

Unclogging a sink

You can use your run-of-the-mill drain-opener as much as you want. However, remember that the chemicals present in these products leave specific long-term effects on your plumbing. Commercial cleaners end up corroding your pipes over time. They are also responsible for excess toxicity in sewage and water systems and hurt the environment.

A good alternative is a homemade solution that can unclog your drain just as effectively and with fewer chemicals. Grab baking soda, about a half-cup, and put it down the hole. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and then add about 250 ml of vinegar. It's going to fizzle up and create a fair amount of gas. Don't breathe that in because it's coming directly from your drain. Let the concoction rest for another 10 minutes after it has fizzled, and then toss some hot water over it. Run some more water through the drain to see if it has unclogged. If not, do it again. With time, the cleaner will melt away any grease and unclog your drains.

Not only is this a cheaper hack, but it also helps prevent hazardous chemicals from further damaging your plumbing and causing ore water pollution.

Clean sprays, nozzles, and faucets

One of the worst things is having a faucet with lousy water pressure, especially a showerhead when you're in taking a bath. But here's a quick remedy. Soak the heads of the taps, showerheads, and faucets in some vinegar. You can wrap a bag of vinegar and fasten it with a string or rubber band. Or use a tall glass by filling it up to the top with vinegar. The former is a more practical approach. Try to ensure that the openings are submerged for at least a day.

Vinegar also helps shine and remove corrosion on the surface. That's why people often use it to get rid of rust and water damage on iron and steel.

A quick way to remove hair from the drain

What you see above the surface of the drain is usually just the tip of an ugly, hairy problem. To pull it out, grab a wire tie. The longer it is, the easier this job becomes. Cut about ten slits on either side of the wire; ensure that you don't cut through it. Now put it in the drain and turn it around. It will catch the hair on the tie and displace it from the drain. Pull it out, throw it away, and voila!

Not tending to a hair build-up before it's an issue can cause a significant blockage in the pipes. Use this trick before you have water flowing back up your drains and creating an ugly sight.


Broken and leaking pipes can shoot your water bill into the sky, and clogged drains can bring your shit back up. Furthermore, no one wants a kitchen sink overflowing with dirty water! This article mentioned a few tips to fix leaky pipes and removing hair blockages. Simple issues like these could have cost you unnecessary expenses if you called in a plumber. But with a few simple household items, you can take the DIY approach and save yourself some money. Of course, if the problem is too big to handle, always call an expert.



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