Garden Renovation: 6 Design Ideas

May 12, 2021

Introduction: Garden Renovation

Renovating or designing your garden is not exactly a walk in the park, but you can make it happen. It’s normal to feel that you have no idea where to start, so don’t let that bring you down, Houston tree and garden care experts are at your service . You can turn any outdoor patch into a stunning piece of paradise right on your property. And when you’re done building your dream garden, you’ll see that it’s worth all your hard work. Learn more about garden renovation.

Garden RenovationGarden with walkways and green grass. Photo taken from above drone.

You can have whatever you like in your garden. But suppose you want a functional and tranquil outdoor extension for your home. In that case, you’ll need a good dose of inspiration and creativity when designing or planning the renovation of your garden. Just remember that the best garden is one that makes you happy whenever you spend time in it.

Here are some ideas to help you renovate and design your garden.

1. Design A Functional Garden

The best gardens don’t only look stunning. Apart from providing you with a way to pass the time, your garden should function as your backyard food basket. It can be your source of fruits, vegetables, and even meat.

The importance of a functional garden cannot be overemphasized, especially during a pandemic. Backyard farming and gardening have seen sizeable growth in recent months. More people have taken it upon themselves to grow their food as food supply lines have been disrupted and authorities have implemented stay-at-home rules.

2. Keep Sustainability In Mind

When designing a functional garden, you must make sustainability a big part of it. That means your gardening practices must not be harmful to the environment. As much as possible, try to use organic means of fertilizing the plants in your garden.

Vermicomposting is one way to build a sustainable garden. It may not be easy for inexperienced backyard gardeners, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Innovative products like Maze worm farms can get you started with vermicomposting quickly.

So what is vermicomposting? It’s a farming and gardening practice that’s widely deemed sustainable. It’s a method of recovering nutrients from kitchen waste with the help of worms. The worms break down food and other organic waste. The end product, called vermicast or worm manure, is highly nutritious and beneficial to plants and doesn’t have the harmful side effects of chemical-based fertilizers.

3. Low Maintenance Is The Way To Go

When planning your outdoor space, stick to designing a low-maintenance home garden. True, your garden can be a place for relaxation and your source of food, but it can take a lot of time and effort to maintain. So right from the planning stage, make sure your garden will not be your prison.

For instance, choose plants that are easy to care for. Also, try to bring the number of plant species to a minimum so you don’t have to learn and apply different planting methods. Lastly, make sure to have plants that discourage pest infestation and weed growth. That way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time dealing with harmful, unwanted elements in your garden.

4. Design With A Theme In Mind

Don’t start from scratch when designing your garden. With all the resources available online, you can easily find a garden theme that suits your preferences. By knowing the look you want to achieve beforehand, you’ll have an easier time coming up with a dream garden design.

5. Modify, Not Demolish

If you already have an existing garden or outdoor space and want to change the scenery, try not to demolish everything in it. Instead, modify your current garden into your dream space. For instance, you don’t have to knock down all your plant boxes. You can repurpose them or put them in a different area of the garden. Instead of uprooting plants to get rid of them, why not transfer them or replant them in another spot?

By modifying, repurposing, or recycling garden fixtures and other objects, you reduce the trash resulting from building a new garden. Besides, repurposed materials are a welcome addition to any garden. Old pavement stones, upcycled wood pallets, and used decors can make your garden feel homey.

6. Add Seats Or Space For Outdoor Dining (My favorite garden renovation)

If you think home gardens should only be made up of planter boxes and bird feeders, think again. It can also be a place where you and your family can unwind and even dine alfresco style. So when renovating or designing your garden, make sure to provide seating areas and outdoor dining furniture. Next thing you know, you’ll be spending more time in your garden than inside your home.

Conclusion: Garden Renovation

When renovating or building a new garden, always remember that you’re doing it for yourself. So even if you work with professional garden landscapers, you need to lay out your ideas. Be creative when planning your garden. More than making it look stunning and functional, it helps to have an outdoor patch that also doubles as your happy place. Read more on Urban Splatter.



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