How different flooring options can enhance your home

May 26, 2021



In very simple terms you cannot have a home without floors. They are the life of the house and are an extremely important component to make a home what it is. The most common factors in choosing the perfect floor include price, appearance, durability and level of maintenance.

There are many varieties of flooring for all purposes with some of the most popular types including carpet, timber, bamboo, vinyl, tile and laminate. Each floor style can enhance your home in different ways and each has unique properties that can add value to each room. Floors are often overlooked as a key component of any home, but really should be one of the main priorities when styling.


Soft, bare, dull colours and comfortable are some of the best describing words for carpet. The sort of fluffy feeling everyone loves about carpet is hard to maintain over a long period of time, but can really make your home feel extra comfortable. Carpet is a great option for bedrooms and living rooms as these are where most people like to feel relaxed and a soft carpet underneath helps with that feeling. Carpet can be quite hard to maintain over time and have a few problems with cleaning issues but are a great overall flooring type. Carpet should not be used in bathrooms or kitchens as they are extremely prone to mess and do not look visually appealing in the kitchen. Harder types of floors look much better in the kitchen compared to carpet as carpet is a unique style of flooring.

Timber Flooring

Timber flooring, which is also known as wood flooring, is a classic flooring style that is extremely popular and gives a lush feeling to any home. Wooden floors can make any home feel classy and stylish because of the solid planks combining to create a great look. Although timber flooring can be quite expensive, it is a very common choice. There are many different varieties of wood that can be used for any home with the main options being hardwood and engineered wood. The main difference between the 2 styles is that hardwood is traditionally nailed down whereas engineered wood is clicked onto one another (similar to laminate). Different countries around the world have different styles of flooring that are common, however timber flooring is the one that is most consistently found around the world. Some countries love timber more than others, but it is still very prevalent and is always a good option.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has a unique style as it uses bamboo to lay the floor which is constructed by using heat to combine strips of bamboo to create planks. Bamboo is one of the strongest natural materials which means that any bamboo floor will be extremely durable, however may be prone to scratches. It is also surprisingly cheap considering how good it can make a home look and feel. The uncommon material can help enhance your home's feel and visitors will be drawn to the look and uniqueness of having a bamboo floor under their own feet. It can be used in any room that would also have wood flooring as they have quite similar features.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring (also known as hybrid flooring) has a similar look to wood flooring, however is slightly different. The main difference is that hardwood floors are not very moisture proof and are prone to damage from spills whereas vinyl is largely unaffected by moisture damage. The moisture resistant floor can be great for young children as they are durable and almost completely waterproof, making them easy to clean spills and mess compared to most other floor types. Vinyl floors are good for almost any room in the house and are most popular in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens because of the great feeling and durability.


Tiles are the fundamental floor to any bathroom anywhere around the world and are also quite common in kitchens and dining rooms. Tiles are just basic squares of hard materials (such as ceramic or stone) that give an elegant look to any room. Millennials seem to dislike tiles as their phone screens crack easily on the very tough surface. This tough surface is very durable, easy to clean and stress-free to maintain. These reasons are why tiles are such a common choice for rooms with high traffic.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a unique type of floor which is generally used in locations such as the bedroom, living room and kitchen because they are a hard floor. Laminate flooring simulates wood materials and is often used as an alternative to engineered timber flooring because it is a cheaper option. One of the main advantages is that laminate is a cheap option that is easier to install and does not look too different to the more expensive option of timber flooring. The installation is simple because the planks are easily clicked into other planks and placed down easily and quickly. Laminate flooring gives a warm and sophisticated look because of the timber patterns.

Choosing the Perfect Flooring

Floors are very important to make any home what it is and can create an atmosphere that can really make you fall in love with any space in your home. Choosing which type of floor to feature in each room is a very important issue at hand also. Putting the wrong floor type in a room could make the value of a home significantly decrease because of the negative visual and practical appeal. Tiles in bedrooms or carpet in bathrooms are not common floor placements and for good reason. Choosing flooring that feels right will also help to positively increase the value because of the practicality factor.

The large variety of choices and different price points can make choosing the perfect floor quite a challenge, but it is an important way to add value to your home in terms of homeliness and to the overall dollar value. It is quite an underrated feature of any home, but diving deeper into the purchasing decision makes it understandable why it should maybe be the most important decision for any homeowner.


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