May 15, 2021


Decorating a home with plants is one of the noblest things you can ever do. Plants are the source of life. Succulent plants are thick, fleshy plants that can retain water in extreme conditions. They do not require frequent watering or maintenance. Examples of some succulents are cactus, Aloe vera plant etc. You can click here to learn more about the different types of succulents. Some succulents are actually beautiful to look at, and let us check various ways to decorate our homes with succulent plants.

We can decorate in the following ways:

  • We can put them in small pots with coloured stones, and they would look beautiful and graceful in them. Place it on the mini table near the sofa or at the study table. It would add to the aesthetics.
  • They can be set up as the Fridge Magnet, and the pots have beautiful designs that stick to the fridge.
  • Multiple different types of succulents can be combined and placed in a little pot. Place them in the middle of the dining table. It would look amazing.
  • We can use terrariums to place the succulents. They look like beautiful small glasshouses and can be placed anywhere around the house.
  • You can make a floating garden across the wall vertically or the succulent hanging pots overhead from a point. Just place the succulent pots with strings and hang them from a height.
  • Make a small home jungle and keep a corner only for succulent plants. In this corner, keep succulents of bigger sizes, and there are beautiful structures and coloured succulents. Decorate the entire place with multiple succulent plants.
  • Keep shelves decorated with a bunch of succulent plants in designer pots and make use of different types of small succulent plants to cover the space.
  • There can be small lanterns designed to keep succulent potted plants inside. They can be kept on the shelves or hung from a height.
  • You can keep the succulents in terrariums which are not like igloo-shaped glasshouses but more like a glass beaker, and fill them with different coloured sands to make them look appealing from outside. Place it on a table or a shelf.
  • Take up wooden designer pots and place little succulent plants in them. Then place such in a table or around the corner of the house.
  • Decorate the transparent glass table with succulents underneath, which are visible from above. A disc below the glass base contains colourful and beautiful succulents that changes the aesthetics of the place.
  • There are human planters available. Plant small succulents in them and place them at the corner of the stairs or shelves.
  • You can place them inside a bulb-shaped structure and hang them from a point giving it a wind chime structure overall.

They can be placed as a single succulent plant or collective succulent plants of multiple varieties. You can place them at any corner of the house, hang them like a wind chime or make a Christmas tree shape with them. They themselves come in beautiful shape and colour. So, start decorating your home today with succulent plants. Happy Planting!


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