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May 31, 2021

Industrial light fixtures - What is that you need to consider?

A standard lighting layout is a necessity for any industrial setup. It is part of basic infrastructure and that’s why special attention is paid to the lighting needs of these spaces.
Most industrial spaces are built over a large area and the basic structure has high ceilings; the height of these ceilings extends above 25 feet and reaches 50 feet. Such a setup requires powerful illumination at all levels and for that reason, High bay led light fixtures are the most appropriate fixtures for these places.

What are high bay lights?

High bay lights got their name from the positioning of these fixtures. High bay lights are special light fixtures for high ceiling areas. These light fixtures cater to the needs of industrial areas as they are powerful indoor light fixtures. The level of illumination is 10x brighter than usual fixtures. These lights are available in two major designs:

  • Linear

Linear or rectangular high bay lights are available in various sizes. The lamp is either retrofitted or integrated inside the fixture while the sizing is 2 to 8 foot long. Linear high bay lights are largely of use in industries as they can easily illuminate a vast area.

  • Round

Round high bay lights are also known as UFO high bay lights because of their saucer-like shape. They are relatively smaller than linear fixtures but have the same properties.

Lamp type:

High bay light fixtures are of extensive use in industrial or other large spaces and hence HID or HPS lamps are of common use. But over the years they have proven to be quite ineffective after a certain time period. Nowadays, LED lamps are the wave. They have transformed the ways in which lighting technology has been viewed recently.

LED lamps are now majorly of use in industrial high bay lights because:

  • They are energy efficient
  • They have higher lumen output
  • They do not overheat
  • They have quick start up time

These are just a few examples of how LED technology is better than traditional lamps. Although it is highly subjective to the consumer's choice so they can select any lamp which suits their requirements. LED high bay lights are common and there is a vast range available which you can browse here.

Uses and Advantages of LED high bay lights

Ever since the introduction of LED high bay lights the industrial spaces have seen transformations which have been quite futuristic. Few of the benefits of using LED high bay lights instead of traditional lamps are:

Higher lumen output

Lumen is a measure of visible brightness from light or a lamp source. The lamp will appear brighter if the lumen rating is higher. The highly efficient LED panel can store upto 3500 lumens for 23 watts of power and less efficient LED panel can provide 3600 lumens to 45 watts.

Directional way of lighting

Directional light emits a wall of parallel rays in the direction that the light is facing. This is a very important factor as it increases efficiency and it lowers the glare. This is highly beneficial in such surroundings where there is heavy machinery as well as different processes taking place at different elevation levels.

High energy efficiency

High energy efficiency is one of the main advantages on why you should evaluate LED lightning for any facility or building. By switching to LED high bay lightning the total energy consump. The fixtures of LED high bay lightning can range from 100 watts to around 500 watts.

Durable housing

The housing of LED high bay lights is made up of aluminium. It is available in one more option that is die-cast aluminium, which is more resistant. The housing is IP rated against water, dust, chemicals, and heat present in the surroundings. The housing also contains mounting brackets which allow different mounting options like suspend mounting or surface mounting.

Longer life span

LED high bay life span is more than 50000 hours, and when we compare them to other lamps like HID or HPS they only have 1- 2 years of average life span. LED lamps on the other hand have more working life and require lower maintenance.

Vast range of application

LED high bay lights can be used in many places like, warehouse, shipyard, mine, workshop, processing or manufacturing plants, gymnasium, supermarkets, exhibition halls, toll stations and many more.


In retrospect there are many factors which must be taken into consideration before making a purchase, the main factor being the adequate lighting layout which suits your facility. This is a large investment and has a higher upfront cost so it is always better to have a layout on hand which determines the accurate energy requirements of the facility. Lighting contractors help determine this in bigger spaces and provide the best options in any range.

LED high bay lights save up a lot of energy and maintenance costs while being eco friendly and regulating their function as per surroundings. For example, they reduce glare and do not create any buzzing sounds or flickr which is important for the health of workers. They are also dimmable, recyclable and do not interact or produce UV rays.


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