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4 Steps of Air Conditioning Installation

air conditioning installation

AC installation is a process that involves setting up an air conditioning system. This is in new buildings or replacement of old AC systems with newer, modern models. Regulating temperatures in buildings and prevent extremities in weather conditions from negatively impacting residents or users. This is the point of air conditioning. Check out these air conditioning installation tips. You can also contact the air conditioning expert at Mooloolaba. Read more about air conditioning installation below.

Proper AC installation is a detailed process that has 4 key steps:

1. Sizing and evaluating the system properly.

Remove the old system entirely. That is in the case of replacement or setting up a new system for the new AC system. Also, evaluating any other additional works, such as duct-work or electrical work that is required by the new system.

2. Installation of the New system

Installed is the new system after inspection.  In addition to carrying out electricity works on the new system, refrigerant is added at this stage. Furthermore, this requires professional help that may be received from companies such as SunCity Air. This is because the system may require new electrical duct-work connections and new piping.

3. Fitting of the new thermostat.

After installation of the new AC system, fitting of the thermostat is the next process. New AC solutions come with new thermostat models which require professional installation.

4. Final Check

Required is a final check ensuring everything that everything works. Here, a technician will run the whole system to see if it works as expected. Additionally, the technician will then advise on DIY maintenance tasks. He will then tell you how often to do them and schedule a date for a professional maintenance service.


While it may seem like an easy step-guided installation process, AC installation requires the services of professionals such as those that can be found in Sun City Air to ensure a quality installation process. Advised is professional installation because some additional work may come up . These include new electrical connections and piping during the installation process. Some government regulations, such as fire-safety codes, also require that only professionals undertake electrical modifications in buildings. Insurance companies require professional installation of the AC system.

Finally, I hope you learned about air conditioning installation. Now you know how to do air conditioning installation. For informative reads, check out the rest of our blog. We have more articles like this one all over our page. Please check out each one for a vast amount of home and garden information.

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