The Do's And Don’ts Of Setting Up A Home Office

May 16, 2021

Thousands of individuals are now working from home since it’s the best way for people to stay safe from COVID-19 or any other threats outdoors which may affect their health. The problem is many home offices aren’t ideally ergonomic as they should.

It’s vital to have a comfortable and ergonomic work area to help you stay productive during these challenging times even when at home. However, most people don’t know how to make a home office in the best way possible. Below are the dos and don’ts of creating a home office:

Do: Pick A Quiet Spot

Picking the right spot is crucial when trying to work from home. The location of your office should be quiet and relatively far from any distractions. Possible causes of work time interruption include the availability of a wide range of snack choices and television noise.

It’s also necessary to choose an area with sufficient natural lighting to help reduce eye strain. If your selected space lacks natural light, you can add a desk lamp or an overhead lamp.

Don’t: Use A Desk With Incorrect Height

There are many reasons why using a desk optimal for your height is as vital as a comfortable chair. The correct desk chair ensures wrist alignment because your elbows will fall on the desk naturally, and accessing the keyboard and mouse won’t be a problem too. A desk with optimum height also helps prevent neck strain because the monitor screen sits at your eye level.

Do: Declutter Your Space

Maid Sailors Maid Service Jersey City suggests to keep things you won’t use away from your space because a workstation with less clutter is better for your productivity. Think of the most essential items you need for work as these should be the only ones present on your desk. A clear mind and less stress result from a tidy space, and during virtual meetings, you can also avoid accidentally knocking things over, which may interrupt your conversation with bosses, colleagues, customers, and clients.

An attractive businesswoman sitting indoors in office, stretching.

Don’t: Work On Your Couch Or Bed

The relaxing area should be different from your working area. It’s essential at home because it wouldn’t be ideal to try to accomplish your work assignments on your couch or bed, no matter how comfortable it might sound.

Working on your couch or bed will condition your mind to associate your relaxing area with your work. When it’s time to unwind on your sofa and sleep on your bed, you’ll have trouble chilling or falling asleep as a result.

Do: Get An Ergonomic Chair

A straight seating posture is work-from-home ergonomics' vital aspect. For example, you’ll end up getting a hunched back if you sit on your couch or bed for prolonged hours, so the solution for this is buying the best ergonomic chair for yourself. This prevents shoulder and neck pains, provides lumbar back support, and lets you recline backward during breaks.

Don’t: Position Your Computer Screen At A Lower Level

Another reason work-from-home individuals end up sitting on their chairs in a hunched position is because they keep the laptop or desktop screen at a low height. To give your workplace setup the best ergonomics, get a monitor arm or a laptop raiser. Positioning your screen at an optimum height will help eliminate the chances of getting ergonomic neck injuries.

Do: Keep Your Monitor Screen At The Right Distance

The user and the display screen of a computer monitor should have an arm’s distance between as eye strain may result from positioning a laptop or desktop screen away or too close to your body. Placing your computer not too near to you or away from you and keeping your desk tidy is the best solution for eye strain.

Do: Add A Touch Of Your Personality To Your Home Office Desk

Whether your work-from-home setup is only a temporary situation because of the pandemic or it’s already a permanent arrangement for you and your company, having some of your personality on your work desk will give you a pleasant experience.

To add some luxury, take some from your curated home decor pieces and place them on your desk or around your workstation. Purifying the air around your work desk is also a good idea; you can opt for small vases containing some succulent to add some green to it. Also, because fresh aromas can help you get more ideas popping on your head, consider getting an essential oil diffuser for your space.


It’s essential to set up an ergonomic workspace, especially among people moving to a work-from-home arrangement for the first time. Remote working can be a significant adjustment, so the dos and don’ts of setting up a home office presented here will help you focus and become highly productive.



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